Trump declared winner of first Republican primaries in Iowa

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Donald Trump is the winner of the Republican primaries in the American state of Iowa. With almost all votes counted, the former president has won approximately 51 percent of the vote.

Opposing candidate Ron DeSantis seems to finish a mile away (21 percent) in second place, just ahead of Nikki Haley (19 percent). Never before has the gap between the winner and the chasers been so wide in the Republican primaries in Iowa.

Trump lashed out at President Biden in his victory speech:

Trump: ‘We will take our country back in November’

The former president’s victory comes as no surprise: he topped all polls. The battle for second place was therefore more interesting. Former UN Ambassador Haley and Florida Governor DeSantis were neck and neck. They want to present themselves as the alternative to Trump.

It is an important victory for Trump, who wants to win the Republican nomination as a presidential candidate for the third time. In the meantime, he is still haunted by lawsuits that complicate a new presidency.

In Iowa, voters were traditionally the first to express their preference on who the Republican presidential candidate should be. The extreme weather conditions affected the elections in the state. Voters had to brave the icy cold and wind chill of up to -40 degrees Celsius to cast their votes in schools, churches and gymnasiums. The turnout was therefore the lowest in a quarter of a century.

This group of Republican voters said they were still unsure about the candidate who would face Biden:

Is Trump the best Republican candidate? In Iowa, voters are unsure

Of Iowa caucus also marked the end of Vivek Ramaswamy’s aspirations. The 38-year-old businessman received just under 8 percent of the votes. He decided to end his campaign and side with Trump.

There is also a fifth candidate in the race: Asa Hutchinson. However, the former governor of Arkansas received less than 200 votes (0.2 percent) in Iowa, meaning it is probably a matter of time before he throws in the towel.

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