Trump also wins New Hampshire, taking a big step towards candidacy

Trump clenches his fist during his speech after the results

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Donald Trump has won the Republican primaries in the US state of New Hampshire. With this he has taken the next step towards becoming the Republican presidential candidate again.

With about 90 percent of the votes counted, Trump has a comfortable lead of more than 54 percent compared to about 43 percent for his only remaining serious opponent Nikki Haley.

She had already focused her attention on this state and spent a lot of money on the campaign. In New Hampshire, independent voters are also allowed to vote. They form the majority and therefore have great influence.

Watch Trump’s victory speech here:

Donald Trump wins New Hampshire Republican primary

Trump lag al ahead in the polls, but in New Hampshire they have sometimes been quite wrong in the past. The difference with which Haley lost to Trump is smaller than what the polls predicted.

Shortly after media reported the exit polls, Haley appeared with her supporters. She congratulated Trump and said “he earned it.” But she remained combative: “There are still dozens of states to go.” She called herself “a fighter” and stated that Trump will have a much harder time in her home state of South Carolina. Primary elections will be held there next month. She also invited Trump to cross swords in a debate.

Trump lashed out at Haley in his victory speech. “Who the hell was that imposter who just came on stage and claimed victory?” he sneered. “She actually did a bad job.” On his social medium Truth Social he calls her decision not to give up “insane”.

President Biden said in a statement that it is clear that Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee. Biden will almost certainly be the Democratic party’s nominee. T-shirts with the print “Together we will beat Trump. Once again” immediately appeared in Biden’s campaign webshop.

Second primaries

The New Hampshire elections were the second Republican primaries. There were also primaries in Iowa this month. Trump won there by one huge lead of Haley and Ron DeSantis, who has since withdrawn and now Trump supports.

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