True Detective 4: recensione, cast, dove vedere Night Country

True Detective: Night Country con Jodie Foster. Foto Sky

From the heat of the Southern states of the United States to the freezing cold of snowy, arctic Alaska (even though it’s technically Iceland, where it was filmed for tax reasons). From the idea of Nic Pizzolatto to the female (feminist?) vision of new showrunner Issa Lopez. Mexican screenwriter and director with a passion for soft horror (Tigers are not afraid). Everything changes so that nothing changes. And so, 4 years later third seasonhere it is again True Detective: Night Country.

True Detective Night Country: watch the trailer of the series on Sky | Video

How many episodes are there and the double programming of True Detective Night Country on TV and streaming

True Detective: Night Countrythe highly anticipated fourth season of the cult series, airs from 15 January exclusively on Sky and streaming on Now. Six episodes unpublished broadcasts broadcast one per week, simultaneously with the American broadcast (on the HBO network). One is therefore expected double programming: the first to 3am between Sunday and Monday, on Sky Atlantic. The same episode is then shown again in prime time, at 9.15pm, Monday evenings always on Sky Atalntic.

All episodes of all series are always available on demand.

The cast of True Detective 4

This is the fourth season of the crime anthology series that began 10 years ago. Which, for the first time, has a cast led by a all-female team composed of the splendid Jodie Foster and from a surprising one Kali Reis.

Six episodes that also feature Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter), Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who) e John Hawkes (Oscar nominee for A freezing winter).

True Detective 4 Night Country

If Jodie Foster is great in True Detective 4the almost debutant Kali Reis is a real surprise (photo by Sky press office)

The plot of True Detective 4

Last sunny day of the year. When the long polar night descends on Ennis, Alaska, the 8 men who work inside the Tsalal Arctic Research Station they vanish without leaving a trace. To solve the case, le detective Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) and Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) will first have to deal with the their dark side. And then dig among them disturbing truths which lie buried under the eternal ice.

When the detectives find the bodies of the disappearedthey will have to decipher complex messages and brush up an old case. Before the ice, melting, brings them back to the surface horrors of the past. As Detective Danvers likes to repeat: What is the right question to ask?

True Detective Night Country photo by Sky press office

A scene from True Detective: Night Country.

The strong point of the series: Jodie Foster

Golden era for two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster. One of the best performers in Hollywood, back in vogue thanks to the Netflix film Nyad – Across the ocean (Golden Globe nominee, the Sag Awards and the Critics’ Choice Awards). And to this series. Of which it is – without taking anything away from the others – the focal point and strength.

«What they don’t tell you when you turn 60 is that it’s very funny because it’s not your time anymore. It’s someone else’s time,” said the actress, also a producer of the series together with old performers such as Woody Harrelson e Matthew McConaughey. “The best part of getting older is realizing that you actually have it something to give back. You can make your contribution to help and support other people’s performance. And for help stimulate other voices that have never been heard before.” His advice? «Relax, everything will be fine. Don’t worry so much”.

True Detective Night Country photo by Sky press office

There are six episodes of True Detective Night Country (Sky press office photo)

Kali Reis, from boxing to the series: Jodie Foster is like Mike Tyson in ’86

Whoever benefited from it is the sparring partner of the 6 episodes. Or Kali Reis. Who found herself on set with a sacred monster. Or just a monster… «It was like being at the training camp with Mike Tyson nell’86in its period of maximum splendor”, comments the laughingactress with a past as a boxer World Champion.

“She is a legend of this environment. She’s so smart, collaborative, supportive, has a director’s eye. Other than as an actor: she’s just a great partner to work with. Her art and her work speak for themselves, but she is one fantastic person. I came to the set with the goal of telling the story, but I left with a friend and a mentor».

true detective night country

True Detective 4: the review

And it’s right there dynamic between the two actresses that is striking in this series. Which hasn’t simply replaced the high-testosterone teams of previous installments with female protagonists. She created two strong characters who move on opposite but equal fronts. Finding, thus, the magic of the first, unforgettable season con McConaughey e Harrelson.

Beyond the mystery connected to the deaths of the scientists, it is very interesting contrast between the indigenous community and the white workers of mines. Two realities that struggle to coexist because they have different ideas, thoughts and objectives. That is, the former want to stop the latter who do nothing but pollute the place where they live. A problem – even without it racial or cultural connotations – which also affects us on a daily basis.

Finally the theme of supernatural. Only touched upon in previous seasons. And it has its own here centrality. Always declined according to the dualism of the two protagonists. And exemplified by the character of Navarro’s sister: those of Julia (aka Niviâna) are hallucinations or visions? It depends on who you ask. The ambiguous and the unexplainable by logic they are in front of us all the time. Symbolized by a black spiral that keeps appearing during the investigations. Until the end.

True Detective, the anthology series: cast, plot and locations from previous seasons

Night Country (born as an “independent” series) became the fourth season of one of the most revolutionary “sagas” of TV series. And the TV itself. True Detective she arrived in our lives exactly 10 years ago. Created by an absolute genius Nic Pizzolatto. Writer, screenwriter, producer. When 1/12/2014 debuted on HBO True Detective, had written a novel. That day, “accomplices” to him 11.9 million viewers per episode, made the revolution, revolutionizing the narrative structure and the timing of TV series. Revolution that continues…

True Detective con Matthew McConaughey e Woody Harrelson (2014)

The first season, consisting of 8 episodes (like all of them, except the last one which has 6), is set in Louisiana. Directed by Cary Fukunaga (No Time to Die, the last 007). Two detectives, their lives and their hunt for a serial killer, between 2012 (the case is reopened) and 1995 (the investigation begins). Each episode/chapter switches from one year to the next and vice versa. They are the two former detectives Rust Cohle (McConaughey) e Marty Hart (Harrelson) who at the beginning are questioned about the distant murder of Dora Lange… Also in the cast are Michelle Monaghan and Michael Potts.

True Detective 2 con Colin Farrell, Rachel MacAdams, Vince Vaughn, Taylor Kitsch e Kelly Reilly (2015)

Still 8 episodesagain written by Pizzolatto, but this time more choral and directed by Justin Lin (4 films in the saga Fast & Furious). In Vinci, a small town in California (don’t look for it: it doesn’t exist, even if it seems very true), an important city manager disappears, just as the new high-speed railway line is about to start. The detective Ray Velcoro (Farrell) indaga. The missing man is replaced by his partner (Vaughn). Who knows the secret in Velcoro’s past. The missing man is found dead. Added to Velcoro are the detective Antigone “Ani” Bezzerides (MacAdams) e Paul Woodrugh, agente della Highway Patrol (Kitsch). He’s the one who found the body…

True Detective 3 con Mahershala Ali, Stephen Dorff, Carmen Ejogo (2019)

Back to the origins, but this time well 3 time plans/years that “cross” each other: 1980, 1990 e 2015. Ozark Plateau, Arkansas. Two children, brother and sister, disappear. The detectives investigating are Wayne Hays (Ali) e Roland West (Dorff). The narrator is Hayes, a veteran from Vietnam and a particular flair for finding missing people. 1980 is the year of his passing. 2015 was the year in which the elderly man suffering from senile dementia Hayes was interviewed on TV. 1990 is the year in which he, again, discovers that the little girl is still alive…

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