Travel and Film; discovering the locations of Once Upon a Time in the West


Sergio Leone, father of the Spaghetti Western, created an iconic masterpiece with “Once Upon a Time in the West”. Filmed in 1968, this film revolutionized Italian cinema, helping to redefine the western genre. But what makes the locations of this masterpiece truly extraordinary?

Iconic Places of the Time Trilogy

The film is part of Leone’s Time Trilogy, opening a new phase in his cinematic journey. “Once Upon a Time in the West” was partly filmed in an unexpected location for an Italian western: the United States of America.

Iconic Film Locations

Once Upon a Time in the West Train Station. The train station, built especially for the film in the Valpadana region, played a crucial role in the plot. The striking architecture and surrounding landscape helped create an unforgettable setting.

Tabernas Desert in Spain

The village of Sweetwater was built in the desert of Tabernas, Spain, providing the perfect backdrop for the film’s shootouts and horse chases.

Monument Valley in the USA

Although Monument Valley was used in many classic Western films, Leone chose to avoid its traditional locations, opting for European landscapes that captured the essence of the Wild West.

An American Injection

Filming in the USA has been called an “American injection” to broaden the epic tone of the film and evoke the feeling of freedom and vindication.

A Masterpiece that Marked History

“Once Upon a Time in the West” not only helped redefine the Spaghetti Western but also brought prestige to this film genre. The locations chosen played a vital role in the film’s unique atmosphere, making it an extraordinary visual spectacle.

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