Traffic – “Educational Stops” guide drivers on safe behavior in traffic, in Porto Velho – Government of the State of Rondônia

The educational actions took place in Porto Velho

With the approach of 62 motorcyclists and 159 drivers, the State Department of Transit of Rondônia (Detran), carried out on Thursday night (2) two actions called Educational Parades to guide drivers on safe behavior in traffic. The activities took place on Rio Madeira and Jatuarana avenues, in Porto Velho.

Trader Carlos Augusto Ferreira received guidance from the educators and congratulated the Municipality for its work. “It’s a stop we take to be reminded that safety must come first, and this chat really educates. There are many drivers driving the wrong way. It’s always good to be reminded that life is more important,” he said.

Another driver approached was administrator Joel Gomes, stating that the instructions given serve as a “trick of the ear”. “Despite knowing how to practice safe behaviors, often when traveling around the city, we fail to comply with them, an example of this is the use of seat belts by passengers who are transported in the back seat, which saves lives in a possible accident”, he said.

A Educational Parade It is an action that is part of the project Cool Driver carried out by the Public Traffic School (EPT), of Detran-RO, which aims to raise awareness and raise awareness among motor vehicle drivers about safe behavior in traffic.

The general director of Detran/RO, Léo Moraes, informs that in addition to the Educational Parade, which is an activity similar to a traffic stop, approaching drivers and motorcyclists, making them aware of the importance of driving with attention and empathy; using safety devices, such as belts for drivers and well-fastened helmets for motorcyclists, the Public Traffic School carries out the action Driver Comrade of the Roundfocusing on those who go to bars and parties, the educators sensitize the public not to mix driving and alcoholic beverages.

Léo Moraes highlights that EPT’s educational actions are essential tools for maintaining safe traffic for everyone, and are also part of the National Plan for Reducing Deaths and Injuries in Traffic 2021-2030 (Pnatrans).

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