Toy collections for the Christmas + Solidarity Campaign begin in Criciúma

Toy collections for the Christmas + Solidarity Campaign have already started this week in Criciúma. The action, which is carried out by the Multi-Institutional Team in partnership with the Integrated Management Office (GGIM), was launched last Wednesday, the 18th, during the CasaPronta Fair. The Multi-Institutional Team’s estimated collection in 2023 is around four thousand toys.

According to the vice-president of the Criciúma Red Cross and coordinator of the Multi-Institutional Team, Almir Fernandes, the collections that started on Wednesday will continue until December 10th. “The campaign has already been launched this week and, now, we will start looking for supporters to set up our collection points,” he said.

One of the collection points already confirmed is the Residents’ Association of the Commercial neighborhood (Ambac). “The objective of launching the campaign at CasaPronta was to increase our visibility and find both people and companies to help, even more, with the action”, emphasizes the vice-president.

The Christmas + Solidarity action, every year it is carried out, provides a happier Christmas for children who experience situations of social vulnerability in the municipalities of Amrec, Amesc, Amurel and Serrana. The campaign, through donations, aims to collect as many new as used toys.

“In every year that we hold Christmas + Solidarity, we always intend to change people’s lives and bring joy to children. Mainly, those who don’t have many toys, as sometimes parents can’t afford to buy them. So, when we arrive with the toys, no matter how simple they are, they all become happier”, commented Fernandes.

Christmas + Solidarity Campaign seeks to collect new and used toys (Photos: Eduardo Schaucoski/Multi-Institutional Team)

Solidarity actions already defined

With the collections during the campaign, the 30 institutions that make up the Multi-Institutional Team already have three actions planned for the distribution of toys in December. One on December 16th in the Rio Maina neighborhood in Criciúma and two others in Bom Jardim da Serra and Bom Retiro, both on December 17th.

“The other delivery dates aimed at serving children from other municipalities, in addition to welfare institutions, will still be confirmed through the Multi-Institutional Team’s delivery schedule”, he highlighted.

In total, in these three already confirmed actions, around 1,650 children will benefit from donations through the charitable campaign.

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