Tom Cruise could fly again in “Top Gun 3” with Paramount

You won’t believe the training every actor in this movie had to go through. Go behind the scenes and see the action come to life in #TopGun: Maverick. (Paramount Pictures)

Paramount, In the initial development phase, it would be developing a new installment of the franchise “Top Gun”con Tom Cruise contemplated to reprise his iconic role. A source close to the project revealed to CNN that the script is being prepared for the third part of the film series, being a continuation of “Top Gun: Maverick” from 2022 and the original from 1986.

Although agreements have not yet been finalized, they are seeking to reunite the production team of the previous film, including Cruiseto the producer Jerry Bruckheimer and to the director Joseph Kosinski. The return of young stars such as Miles Teller y Glen Powell. The screenwriter Honor Krugerwho participated in the writing of “Top Gun: Maverick”, would be developing the first draft.

After the resounding success of “Top Gun: Maverick”, which was became the most profitable film in the famous actor’s careerreaching almost 1.5 billion dollars in worldwide revenue and earning six nominations for the Oscarthe news of the development of this sequel is not surprising.

Additionally, the actor recently signed a deal with Warner Bros. to develop and produce films, although this does not prevent him from continuing to work with Paramount y Universal.

The screenwriter of "Top Gun: Maverick"Ehren Kruger, working on the first draft of a new sequel
“Top Gun: Maverick” screenwriter Ehren Kruger working on first draft of new sequel

According to Variety, discussions about the new script began late last year. Although there are still details to be resolved, such as the approval of the final version by Cruise and his team. This development occurs while Paramount Globalthe parent company of Paramountappears to be in the process of sale, and Skydance Mediawhich produced “Top Gun: Maverick,” would be considering the purchase of National Amusementsthe holding company that controls Paramount Global.

Deadline indicates that Tom Cruise remains committed to projects Paramounteven though you have signed a non-exclusive contract with Warner Bros. It is reported that “Top Gun 3″ is in the initial phases with Honor Kruger working on the draft and with the possibility of reuniting the cast and producers of the previous film, including Jerry Bruckheimer y David Ellison.

Currently, the Hollywood star is filming the eighth installment of “Mission: Impossible” for Paramount and has a film in outer space in preparation with the NASA y Doug Liman as director.

Tom Cruise combines projects with Paramount and Warner Bros., keeping his icon with "Top Gun"
Tom Cruise combines projects with Paramount and Warner Bros., maintaining his icon with “Top Gun”

People He added that after the success of “Top Gun: Maverick”which is became Cruise’s most successful filmas well as the number one of Paramount in Japan and Skydancemultiple stars “Maverick” confirmed that there have been talks about a third film. Teller revealed that there were discussions with the actor and producer about another possible installment, and Powell He added that it is in the hands of senior executives, but that he would be willing to return if a new film is produced.

(With information from CNN, Variety, Deadline y People).

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