TMW RADIO – Brambati: “Conte-Juve, there is nothing now but a possible scenario in June”

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A TMW Radioduring Maracana it’s time for the former footballer and prosecutor Massimo Brambati with his column Il Tackle: “Conte and Juventus? I haven’t heard from him for a while. I don’t know anything about it. And in any case that he could then go to Juve next year because there are chances that they are thinking about Juve It’s a different matter for him. The fact that he has already signed now is extravagant. To date there is nothing, and there is a coach who still has a one-year contract and a lot of money. There is something that It makes me think that the scenario described could happen in June and that he is the first choice in the event of Allegri’s departure. And I believe that he is also the coach’s first choice. Antonio has great love for these colors and this team .

Going to Inter was a difficult journey even on an internal level. He left a great job there and admitted that his predecessor Spalletti had also done a good job. Aside from his last year with Tottenham, Conte has always done well in his adventures. And he grew up away from Juventus, even in an important way. Juventus cannot risk choosing a new coach by throwing a coin in the air. You don’t ask Conte for time. You have to support and put up with this coach, who has a particular character, who doesn’t tell you anything but who is also positive in many aspects.”

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