Titled “Army of Peace.. Wael Ghoneim announces the establishment of the “Martyr Anwar Sadat Brigades”

Written by Amira Al-Samman

Wael Ghoneim, the political activist, announced the establishment of the electronic Brigades of the Martyr Muhammad Anwar Sadat, entitled the Peace Army.

Ghoneim said through his personal account on the microblogging site

He continued that the goal is to focus efforts to combat extremism in the Arab and Islamic world and to respond to the trumpets blaring on social media against our rulers, presidents, and governors.

Ghoneim had launched a sharp attack on the banned Brotherhood, after they reprimanded him for consuming the drug hashish, through his personal account on the microblogging site.

He continued that the junkie drinks hashish and speaks vulgarly… while Al-Hamsawi destroyed his house and the house of the people of Gaza, and Baltham says that he has won.

He added that why did Abu Ubaida not have a camera in the last statement? The author of the statement is a voice that brings good news to the believers of victory from the hideouts of the valiant resistance. Don’t go to him.

He concluded his post by saying, “May God have mercy on the great heroes of Suez when they said hideouts are for women and resistance is for men.. Hamas is like men.”

The post first appeared on www.almawq3.com

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