Tips to help you prepare for winter time…you must start today

Some people cannot adapt to the change of hours, especially with a start Winter time Or summer, which negatively affects the period of sleepFeeling comfortableAnd because tomorrow, Thursday, winter time will begin, as the clock will be delayed by 60 minutes, we review in the report, tips for adapting to winter time, according to what was mentioned by the “website.”tenethealth“.

Ways to adapt to winter time

Maintain a sleep schedule

You must get enough sleep, which lasts between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night, and adhere to this time, even if the clock changes, as getting a sufficient amount of rest during the night helps the body adapt to the time change, while avoiding staying up for hours. Long sleep or sleep for longer hours after the time change.

Time change

Prepare for the time change

You must prepare to change the timing from now, by going to bed 15 minutes early. In this way, the change can be accepted easily, and the body will not be exposed to disturbance..

Tips to help you prepare for winter time
Tips to help you prepare for winter time

Get enough light

Getting enough daylight helps increase serotonin in the brain, which helps wake up naturally in the morning, as exposure to sunlight early in the morning, or at least while walking in the afternoon, helps prepare and prepare for the change in time.

Tips to help you adjust to winter time
Tips to help you prepare for winter time

Avoid eating late

Avoid eating late at night or close to bedtime, as it can cause a feeling of insomnia, so it is preferable to plan to end meals by eating a light snack at least two to three hours before bedtime, while reducing caffeine in the morning. To avoid insomnia.

Practices to follow to prepare for winter time and avoid insomnia:

Avoid exercising before bed to avoid insomnia.

Electronic devices should be turned off an hour before you plan to sleep.

Have a warm bath or read a book.

Make sure the bedroom is dark and quiet.

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