Those Who Want Me Dead on Rai 2: plot, cast, Angelina Jolie

Qthis evening it airs at 9.20pm on Rai 2 The ones who want me dead. First TV film set in the peaks of Montana, mix of western, action e thriller with un’intense protagonist Angelina Jolie in the touching role of a woman tormented by guilt.

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The ones who want me deadthe plot

Hannah Faber (Jolie), a paratrooper firefighter from Montana fails to save three children from the flames. Her event haunts her, compromising her psycho-physical balance. In parallel, Owen Casserly (Jake Weber), a forensic accountant whose boss died in a supposed gas explosion, discovers that two ruthless hitmen are responsible: Jack (Aidan Gillen) and his son Patrick (Nicholas Hoult).

Convinced that he is their next target, man runs away from home taking her son Connor (Finn Little) with her, During the trip, he reveals to his son that he recently found some evidence that nails Jack and Patrick. For this reason the two killed his boss, a district attorney.

The man thus turns to his brother-in-law Ethan Sawyer (Jon Bernthal), a sheriff Hannah’s ex-boyfriend but after reaching Montana with Connor, the two hitmen shoot at his car and Owen dies. However, not before having given his son the evidence of the guilt of the two hitmen. Hannah takes the baby with her but in the meantime Jack and Patrick ask their leaders for permission to burn the forest in order to create a diversion and kill the boy. But the two they did not take into account the will and determination of the woman. Looking for redemption after the tragedy that struck her months earlier.

Angelina Jolie’s ex in a scene from “Those Who Want Me Dead”. (Warner Bros)

A film with an ancient flavour

Directed with a confident hand by director and actor Taylor Sheridan – famous for his role in the series Yellowstone –, the film is a Last-minute thriller with a somewhat new setting. In fact, it is difficult to imagine, especially in modern cinema, ruthless murderers in the woods of Montana and this slightly retro shade adds charm to a plot that is however layered and full of twists.

Packed with expertly choreographed action scenes, The ones who want me dead it is also inevitably contaminated by the western genre. In short, an almost ancient cinema that chooses to narrate complex events without giving up simple linearity. Unlike many contemporary films that prefer to tangle the narrative with sometimes excessively complex subplots. Focusing on the psychologies of the charactersSheridan wants to hit the viewer without subterfuge and without the fear of falling into banality.

The strong point of the film is the interpretation but above all the character embodied by Angelina Jolie. Woman suffering from a strong existential and depressive crisis due to post-traumatic stress. Self-destructive and disheartened by life, her Hannah is a female figure struggling to find herself.

And the actress, suffocating her veneer of glamour, she doesn’t worry about showing herself perpetually wounded and with her body covered in blood. As if its Lara Croft of a time was back in action but this time to save human lives.

Angelia Jolie future Maria Callas

After a few years of hiatus, due to her ever-innumerable commitments in the social field, the actress of Tom Raider in the coming months it will return to fill cinema screens with a slew of new titles. For example, will reprise her role as Maleficent in the third chapter of the Disney saga Maleficent 3 and will be at the side of Christoph Waltz of the drama based on the novel by Lisa Genova Every Note Played.

Angelina Jolie as Maria Callas in the film currently being made “Maria”. (Freemantle)

The most anticipated film, however, is without a doubt Mariabiopic that Pablo Larrain – now specialized in female portraits after Jackie e Spencer – will revolve around the legendary soprano Maria Callas. Filming is underway and they have already been some shots published which see Angelina, very similar, in the role of the legendary nightingale of opera music.

The director has declared that he hopes that the film will be a way to make the world discover the extraordinary nature of Callas and that Angelina Jolie’s presence is a source of great pride for him and the entire crew. Also in the cast many Italian actors: Yes Valeria Golino as Jackie Kennedy a Piefrancesco Favino until Alba Rohrwacher.


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