This was the filming of ‘True Detective’ in extreme conditions in Iceland

Kali Reis and Jodie Foster in a scene "True Detective: Night Country"
Kali Reis and Jodie Foster in a scene from “True Detective: Night Country”

After the success of the first three installments, HBO has just released the fourth season of True Detective, where they aim to recover the spirit of the first episodes from more than 10 years ago, but now it is the women who come to the fore. This is one of the most anticipated premieres by fans, which this time moves to a lost town in Alaska as the setting for the plot of the police serial. However, it was filmed in Iceland, where the actors had to face a great challenge: extreme conditions.

In November 2022, the series began filming episodes for its fourth season. To do this, the entire team moved to Iceland, where they tried to recreate the conditions of Alaska. And they could not carry out the recording in the American State due to logistical reasons. The problem was the low temperatures they had to endure throughout filming. The director of True DetectiveIssa López, assured that there is no one who prepares you to be filming outdoors for the night at minus 23 degrees Celsius.

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“If you take your gloves off for a minute, you immediately feel a deep pain in your hands. And that affects the performances of your actors and it affects the team itself. However, there was like a warrior spirit that we all shared and to believe, to have faith in the story that led us to fight to move it forward,” the director explained to The countryduring the promotion of the series in Mexico City.

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Although she is not the only one who has spoken out about the extreme temperatures they had to endure, Jodie Foster has also assured: “It was difficult to record in the cold. The weather, the elements were challenging, but we loved it. Iceland is a great country, there is a lot of live music, very delicious food, a lot to do at night. “We used to live in the house of some other actor or filming staff and we sang a lot.”

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Under the title True Detective: Country Night, Jodie Foster steps into the role of police officer Liz Danvers, while Kali Reis plays Evangeline, her partner. The synopsis published by HBO itself states: “When the long winter night falls on Ennis, the six men who operate the Tsalal Arctic Research Station disappear without a trace. To solve the case, detectives Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro will have to face the darkness they carry within themselves and investigate the turbulent truths that lie buried under the eternal ice.

The season has six episodes, unlike the previous ones, where there were eight. In addition, one of these episodes will be released every Monday so that all viewers can enjoy them.

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