They threaten to stop the service this Friday

After the announcement of the increase in the fare, AMBA bus drivers threaten to stop the service due to lack of payment. They are waiting for the salaries corresponding to the month of December.

In a statement titled “Enough of being the duck at the wedding,” the Unión Tranviarios Automotor declared themselves “in a state of shock” because of the “abandonment by national, provincial, local authorities, Governors and Mayors”.


They also declared themselves “victims of subsidies” and emphasized: “It is inhuman to play with our peace of mind, without knowing if the 4th. business day we are going to collect our salary, because so-and-so did not transfer compensation, a subsidy, or whatever you want to call it.

“The payment of our bills cannot be at the discretion of the State (on whatever scale) similar to the feudal lord, we are not vassals, we are workers, and We demand consideration and respect.”continues the statement signed by the Secretary General of the UTA, Roberto Carlos Fernández.

Finally, they pointed out: “We workers are the solution, not the problem. “The problem is others.”

UTA statement

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