They confirmed that Milei will send an ambitious “omnibus law” to Congress after the inauguration: what it is about

Francisco Paoltroni, the Formosa agricultural businessman elected to preside over the Chamber of Senators, confirmed this Monday that the new government will present an “omnibus” bill on which the president-elect, Javier Milei, is working. The initiative will be sent to Congress one day after his inauguration.

“It is confirmed. Our president is going to announce it on December 10, and on the 11th he is going to send it to Congress. It is the first thing we have to go out and solve so that inflation begins to go down, to generate the necessary indicators, and for the country to get going,” said Paoltroni in dialogue with FM Metro 95.1.

Although he avoided giving details, the businessman advanced some definitions about the battery of modifications that La Libertad Avanza seeks to implement.

“Everything about macroeconomics hits the countryside hard. You don’t need specific measurements. In order of priorities, it is last,” he stated about what will happen, for example, with the countryside.

“If we start to resolve the exchange rate and go to a reduction and elimination of withholdings, which takes a while, it is a process… But I clarify where we are going. There is no magic here: you have to work and seek the necessary consensus. We are the majority of legislators who support this change that society voted for. We have to work to change history,” he stated.

Meanwhile, regarding the formation of the lower house – where the ruling force is in the minority – the producer explained that the central thing is to “seek consensus and work on profound reforms.”

Francisco Paoltroni is a senator-elect for the province of Formosa.  (Telam)
Francisco Paoltroni is a senator-elect for the province of Formosa. (Telam)

“The rules that govern our country brought us 50% poverty. No one can say that this works,” he remarked and anticipated that there will be changes in labor laws: “We have to work in this sense, talking, debating. “Who can say that the Argentine system works when you have eight million outside the system?”

The “omnibus law” that Milei will propose after the inauguration

Days ago, Milei had spoken about the package of measures that he will present on December 11. “When we enter the Government we are going to call extraordinary sessions, we are going to send all the laws to deregulate the economy, change the tax structure, modernize the labor market and make it more flexible,” she anticipated days ago.

Regarding its content, those around La Libertad Avanza confirmed to Clarín that they are working on a profound reform of the State with the privatization of public companies, the reformulation of the law on ministries, a series of key modifications in the current labor legislation, the deregulation of various economic sectors, and the implementation of fundamental changes in tax matters.

In addition, as it turned out, they will also seek a political-electoral reform, which would include the suppression of the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries (Paso) and modifications to party financing, among other measures.


On the other hand, he announced what the appointment process was like to lead the Senate and expressed that ceding those spaces to other forces, specifically the PRO, was “giving up a strength” that La Libertad Avanza has.

“On Monday, in a meeting, we were chatting and the position was that we believed that it is a strength to have this great support from the citizens. Giving up these spaces meant giving up a strength that we have. Giving up this generated injuries on our front. There was no point in giving them up. We had to occupy them ourselves,” he concluded.

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