‘There will be something else in the Undrcover spectrum’

Just one more night of sleep and then it’s finally time for the official release of Ferry: the series.

Netflix heralded this yesterday by organizing a party that fits exactly in Ferry’s style. The Noordkade in Veghel was completely transformed in the style of the new series.

Frank Lammers: ‘We all know that there will be something else in the Undercover spectrum’

No expense was spared for the party. Even Camping Zonnedauw, normally located in Belgium, was suddenly moved to North Brabant during this festive day. Whether Ferry’s pills were also present at the party? Well, we’ll wisely keep our mouths shut about that. The chance that he will hit us on the head is just a little too great to take that risk.

Photo: Netflix Media Center

Don’t worry, there are plenty of insiders that we can share with you. Prior to the festivities, we had a quick chat with Ferry’s interpreter, in other words, the final boss Frank Lammers him self. In a wonderfully unorthodox way that only Frank Lammers can do, he told us all about his future after Ferry.

In conversation with Frank Lammers: what does the future look like after Ferry?

Frank, thank you for making time for us during this festive day. Before the party starts, first finish all the interviews, don’t you feel like it?

“Glad it was all planned in one day, ha.”

Haha, understandable. Looking forward to the day, right? How do you look at today?

‘It’s a bit overwhelming what they’ve achieved. The effort they put into it… And then your head hanging everywhere…’

So it still impresses you?

‘Yes absolutely. Look, I just want to make beautiful things, and I hope people like it. Then it is of course fantastic that an effort is being made to bring it to people. We used to hang up two posters and it was nice, but hey, this is Netflix. Things are a little different there. And that is very nice. They have worked hard for it, and they understand that.’

A little proud of the end result?

‘Yes Yes. Absolute. You know, it’s dark, it’s hard and it’s sometimes funny and sweet. So it’s exactly as it should be.’

Photo: Netflix Media Center

How do you actually look back on your role as Ferry?

‘I never think in terms of roles, I think more in stories. And this whole story, with how it was made and what it became, was extremely enjoyable and nice work. I lived in Antwerp for six months for the series and I really enjoyed that. A really nice city. Besides, the director was great, the cameraman was great, it looks great. Well, it doesn’t get any better. And that may be the worrying thing about it.’

Is there another superlative?

‘Doubtless. But, in terms of atmosphere and experience and the way we worked… Yes, that was really fantastic. I don’t know if that can be surpassed.’

Are you going to try to top it?

‘I do not know. I’m still alive, so who knows. No, yes, you know, you can just give that spoiler. We all know there’s going to be something like an Undercover series after this, or something along that spectrum.”

This role fits right up your alley, right?

‘Well, it’s also because we’ve been working together for some time, of course. And those people just become family. It’s just like football: the longer you play together, the easier things become. Well, yes.’

If there is a sequel in any form, do you hope that the same group will stay together?

‘Yes absolutely. Whether Daantje still wants to participate, after everything I have done, that is of course the question. Anyway, if I look at it nicely…’

Or a new diamond ring?

‘Haha, yeah, that would be fun. Working with Elise is always a pleasure.’

Photo: Netflix Media Center

Just to you, as Frank Lammers. Your second travel program is in a few months Gold in which you spend a few months in Australia shadowing gold seekers. Still a small difference with Ferry’s lifestyle. How did that come about?

‘Yes, that’s right, thank you. It came about a bit like everything else in my life comes about. Then I think: ‘finally, just sit on the couch for a while’, and then the phone rings again. Yes, then suddenly someone came on the line and asked if I was coming to Australia. And then of course I think: ‘yes, yes, nice’. I’m always up for an adventure, so I always announce the Pippi Longstocking principle: “I’ve never done it before, so I think I can do it”. And yes, it was a really cool thing to do in the end.’

You have already mentioned that you are a fan of strange birds and special destinations. Are there more travel programs like this in the offing?

“Uuuh, it could just be.” *starts to smile*

Then you first have to get a call again if you just want to plop down on the couch?

‘Haha, those bells have already been there, but unfortunately I can’t tell you more about it.’

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