There is an agreement for Kevin Zenon

Boca Juniors continues to be active in the transfer market and has finally completed the incorporation of a long-standing desire: Kevin Zenón will join Xeneize starting in 2024. The midfielder was a priority for Juan Román Riquelme, and after several weeks of intense negotiations, an agreement was reached that involves a significant sum of money and the loan of two promising young players.

What is Zenon’s arrival in Boca like?

Aware of the need to strengthen itself to aspire to a successful 2024 and compete on all fronts, Boca Juniors secured the arrival of Cristian Lema to strengthen the defense, and now the acquisition of Zenón is confirmed. Although the arrival of more reinforcements is expected before the market closes, the priorities established by Diego Martínez have already been covered.

Boca’s interest in Kevin Zenón had been expressed for several days, and in the last few hours an agreement has been reached for this talented player who shone in Unión. The Xeneize club will pay the amount of 3.5 million dollars for the midfielder’s transfer, exceeding the initial offer of 3 million, while Unión was originally looking for four million dollars.

Kevin Zenón, Boca’s new reinforcement.

What youth can be involved in the operation?

In addition to paying 3.5 million dollars to Unión for Kevin Zenón, Boca Juniors will include in the negotiation the loan of two young talents. Among the footballers offered are Aaron Molinas, Renzo Giampaoli and Simón Rivero, and everything indicates that Molinas and Giampaoli will be the two players loaned to Tatengue as part of this agreement.

So far, Boca has strengthened its squad with the acquisitions of Cristian Lema and Kevin Zenón. Although the team led by Diego Martínez has a complete and competitive squad, The club will remain attentive to possible opportunities in the market, especially in the offensive area, to continue improving and strengthening its options for the coming season.

The 22-year-old midfielder will leave Unión to join the Boca ranks.

How is the Boca market continuing?

As for rumors and speculation, names like Matías Rojas and Luca Orellano were mentioned. However, Paraguayan midfielder Rojas finally ensured his continuity at Corinthians. On the other hand, in the case of the winger who previously played for Vélez, Ramón Díaz excluded him from the preseason in Vasco da Gama and is waiting for offers to leave the Rio team.

mouth martinez
Martínez will seek to improve his mouth in this market.

At Boca Juniors, for the moment, no direct interest has been shown in the acquisition of Luca Orellano. His name rang around him, considering that the Xeneize had previously searched for him. However, it is not ruled out that a formal offer may arise as the market progresses. The club will adopt a cautious stance and wait for opportunities in the transfer market to acquire the players who are really on the wish list, although at the moment their names are unknown.

While Diego Martínez plans 2024 with the preseason, Boca is releasing several players who will not be taken into account by the coach. Between the inherited squad and the players who returned from their loans, there was a large squad left in Boca. Therefore, to define signings, at Xeneize they seek to shape the squad in advance. It will be a long and precise market for Boca.

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