The uncomfortable crossing between Flor Vigna and Noelia Marzol: “We have shared a hummingbird”

The uncomfortable crossing between Flor Vigna and Noelia Marzol (America)

After a period of speculation and rumors, finally the new theme was presented of Flor Vigna titled “Picaflor”, which immediately generated controversy, days after the public announcement of the relationship between his ex, Nico Occhiatoand his colleague Jasmine Flower Peña. The dancer, to the rhythm of a cumbia, expresses in the chorus: “You are a hummingbird, you like all the flowers, a face of many colors, a baby who makes you cry, that’s why I like them older.”

In this composition, Vigna plays with words and double meanings, obviously referring to the coincidences between the Florences involved. It should be noted that “Picaflor” is a collaboration between the artist, Gusty DJ y The Villain. The latter, in his intervention in the song, attacks Occhiato, pointing out aspects of his personality and highlighting that there is information that does not benefit him: “What is this boy up to that women comment on, he has fame, he has magic, but where is it that the It has, it has many good things, He has some bad things, and my friend knows things that are not good for him.”.

This musical release added a new chapter to the media history among those involved, generating interest and debate in the public, which had its correlation in the last hours after the performer, who is part of the jury of the Dancinginterpelase a Noelia Marzol after his participation in a new gala together with his partner, Jony Lazarte.

“Gentlemen, vote for Flor Vigna, ‘Picaflor’,” he announced Marcelo Tinellinot only presenting the replacement jury but also the topic in question, to which Vigna picked up the gauntlet and without hesitation expressed: “What’s more, With Noe we have shared a hummingbird”, to which the aforementioned immediately grabbed her face and forced an uncomfortable smile because of what she had heard.

Flor Vigna’s new song against Nico Occhiato (Video: Youtube)

Without missing the comment, both the driver and Angel de Brito, Another of the jurors sought to investigate the issue further, but Vigna tried to get out of the situation by highlighting: “But now she is a beautiful woman, married, Noelia Marzol is a beautiful woman with many codes”, while the cameras began to focus on the surprised face of Ramiro AriasMarzol’s husband, who was in the studio with their son in his arms.

After Noelia took over the microphone, she clarified: “I tell you something, Rami knows everything, I spent three days telling him the whole list, but he knows everything”, giving a funny touch to the moment that was being experienced. It was there that Vigna again referred to the dancer: “The nice thing is that she has codes for everything. “You are beautiful, Noelia Marzol, you are talented, you are not a quilombera.”

Immediately those present began to investigate who they were referring to by that nickname, but Vigna refused to do so, while De Brito asked if they were referring to Fede Hoppe, historical producer of the cycle and currently in a relationship with Maca Rinaldi.with whom they met in 2017. Hoppe denied having ever entered into a relationship with Vigna, but responded positively when asked if he had ever had a relationship with Marzol.

After that, it was not known who it was, but the atmosphere remained tense in the studio and the laughter and humor among everyone led to the uncomfortable scene relaxing a little, while the dancer’s husband looked red. of shame while witnessing that questioning about the love past of his current wife, with whom he has been married for more than three years and with whom he has two children.

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