The Treasury seized the ‘youtuber’ Willyrex two VIP apartments in Barcelona due to an inspection of his tax debts

Willyrex, a well-known Spanish ‘youtuber’ who has lived in Andorra for years, owns at least three properties: two huge apartments in wealthy areas of Barcelona—Pedralbes and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi—and a stake in a store, also in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. As El Periódico de España, from the Ibérica Prensa Group, has learned, The Tax Agency prohibits you from having them from the end of October 2022 due to an inspection of his personal debts with the treasury.

This means that it cannot neither sell them nor rent them nor put them in the name of anotheraccording to different expert sources consulted, until said debts are settled (or until he appeals and wins).

This newspaper contacted the affected person, whose real name is Guillermo Díaz Ibáñez, to know the status of the procedure. Díaz’s management agency provided his personal email. Díaz responded by leaving the matter in the hands of his lawyer, who simply responded that “the information is not correct”, without explaining on which points he disagreed.

The properties are in the name of a company, Willyrex SL, in which the ‘youtuber’ owns one hundred percent of the share capital. The Tax Agency provisionally seized his shares in the company and, to prevent him from emptying it, he included the floors.

“Until 2012, in these cases you could have your participation in your company seized, but if it had real estate I could sell them“says Carlos Cruzado, president of the union of Treasury technicians (Gestha). “Now the law allows preventing the disposal of the property as long as the taxpayer [la persona que debe dinero] have control of the company. It is done to prevent it from being emptied.”.

In any case, the sources consulted explain, if Willyrex lived in one of those apartments he could continue doing so. But he has always made it clear that he lives in Andorra, a country in which he must spend more than 183 days a year to be considered a tax resident and pay less taxes than in Spain.

He left because he considered Spanish types to be very tall and with the argument that I had already paid enough. “I have paid so many taxes that my balance with what Spain has given me… I think I have paid for three of my lives,” he said in an interview on Jordi Wild’s podcast. “My balance is more than paid.”

The Tax agency take these types of precautionary measures when it is quite clear that there is a debtan amount for which the person under investigation has not paid taxes as he should, and considers that there is risks of not being paid. This ensures that no matter what happens, you will get paid. Precautionary measures last a maximum of one year. If the investigated party pays voluntarily, they are lifted; If he does not do so, they go to the executive period.

If the debt is already resolved, The first person interested in lifting the burden on the properties in the property registry would be Díaz himself.something that even according to the information that El Periódico de España has accessed has not happened.

Apartments worth millions

The best apartment owned by the company linked to ‘youtuber‘ and ‘streamer’ is located in the calle Marqués de Mulhacén, in the Pedralbes neighborhood. This area is one of the most elite in the Catalan capital and the place of residence of important personalities such as Joan Manuel Serrat or Javier Sardá and, in the past, couples such as Gerard Piqué and Shakira or Iñaki Urdangarín and the Infanta Cristina. Díaz Ibáñez’s property is a third floor with 232 square meters built, which has three parking spaces and a storage room. The apartment was purchased in 2021 and, according to the Fragua by Atlas Real Estate real estate data platform, it would be valued at 2.59 million euros.

The other two properties of Willyrex are a flat and part of a premises in Sarrià-Sant Gervasiboth registered in his name in 2018. The first, on Tavern Street, has 103 square meters. Valuing it at market price, which stands at 4,336 euros per square meter, it would tend to be a approximate market price of almost 447,000 euros.

The third asset in the hands of the ‘streamer’ is a participation of eight one hundred and nineteenth undivided shares of a premises semi-basement, which is located on the second floor of a building on Descartes Street. Although the property has 268 square meters, according to the Cadastre, the constructed area is 25 square meters and has residential use, despite having been designed for storage use.

Willyrex SL and the precedent of El Rubius

Willyrex SL, the company that owns the apartments under the scrutiny of the Tax Agency, was established in Madrid in 2012. Díaz opened his YouTube channel in 2009, when I was still 16 years old and I recorded a video diary before going to high school, according to what he said in an interview at the time. “At no time did I think you could make a living from this,” she said. She soon realized that if she dedicated time and was consistent she could make money with it. She began a degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE) and left it after a few months to focus on videos. The name of Willyrex comes from Willy (Guille in English) and Rex (king in Latin).

At the time of opening the company, Willyrex was already one of the ‘youtubers’ most followed Spaniards on the platform. That year he declared 210,000 euros of income in the company; the next, 687,000 euros. In 2014 and 2015 it continued to invoice hundreds of thousands of euros but it reduced profits by significantly increasing personnel costs. In 2014 he paid 485,000 euros in salaries and in 2015, 248,000 euros.

Even so, in the accounts of both years There is no evidence that WIllyrex SL had employees. Until April 2016, Díaz was the sole administrator of the company; From then on this position remained in the hands of Ángeles Ibáñez and he stopped declaring income. The dates coincide with the move of the ‘youtuber’ to Andorrawhere he went with fellow ‘youtuber’ Vegetta777, Samuel de Luque. They were the first ‘youtubers’ to leave.

In 2018, the company included one million euros in real estate properties in their accounts. Since then, it has not been deposited again in the Commercial Registry.

The reasons for the Tax Agency’s inspection of Willyrex are not known. However, it is worth remembering the precedent of his friend and also a ‘youtuber’ El Rubius, who was sentenced to pay 73,000 euros for defrauding. In this case, the AEAT claimed amounts that he should have invoiced and paid taxes as a self-employed person and not through his company Snofokk SL Rubius and Willyrex are one of the few large ‘youtubers’ with companies that declare substantial income.

The maneuver of invoice through a company and not personally to pay less taxes —Corporate Tax is 25% and Personal Income Tax reaches 47% in its highest brackets— is known. In recent years, many famous people (actors and television presenters) have been ‘hunted’ by the Treasury by executing it. Even the minister Máximo Huerta had to resign when it was published that he had also used this type of company.

As the president of Gestha explained to this newspaper, in the case of “El Rubius, the AEAT considered that his activity was very personal and he had to pay income tax. You have to analyze society and its circumstances. “If it is considered that it does not contribute anything or it is observed that the person invoices society at prices that are not market prices, it is considered a shell company.”

In any case, WIllyrex’s debt to Hacienda does not exceed 600,000 euros: If not, it would appear on the list of defaulters that the organization publishes every year.

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