The threats that Alberto Fernndez made and other confessions a few days after leaving power: “A telescopic sight…”

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In different interviews, published today by the newspaper Perfil and the portal ElDiarioAr, The outgoing president Alberto Fernndez addressed various topics, from the controversial birthday party in Olivos to the personal threats that he faced during his mandate and never publicly disseminated. A few days after leaving power after the elections that brought Javier Milei to the presidencyFernández shared details that shed light on the challenges he faced in the exercise of his role.

The photograph of his wife’s birthday at the presidential residence sparked a scandal in the middle of the pandemic, but Fernández clarified that this did not affect their marital relationship. However, he admitted that the consequences were intense, especially in the way in which The press attacked his wife, Fabiola. The President highlighted that, in trying to explain the situation, His words were distorted, falsely accusing him of blaming Fabiola.

In dialogue with Jorge Fontevecchia, director of Editorial Perfil, the President revealed a topic unknown to him. talk about the threats he and his family faced during his mandate. Mention dangerous incidents, such as appearance of a telescopic sight on the presidential helicopter on multiple occasions.

“While I was president two or three times, while I was traveling by helicopter from Casa Rosada to Olivos, a telescopic sight appeared to me inside the helicopter,” Alberto told Fontevecchia.

-How is that?

-With a laser beam, a peephole, someone with some weapon focusing the laser on the helicopter. I don’t think he meant to shoot down the helicopter. I don’t know. Which What he wanted was for me to receive the message that there was a telescopic sight aimed at the helicopter. It didn’t happen to me once, it happened to me two, three or four times, and with my custody we saw it, and we kept quiet because we said: “Let’s not make a problem of this.”

-Before the attack on the vice president?


Criticism of the opposition that allied itself with Milei

Regarding the new president-elect, Javier Milei, Fernández did not spare criticism of Together for Change (JxC), accusing them of embrace the “undemocratic right” out of desperation. He referred to La Libertad Avanza (LLA) as a force that vindicates state terrorism and expressed concern about the direction the country could take under its leadership.

The outgoing president called on the leaders of JxC to reflect andgraduate to the “place of the right or the democratic center”. He warned about the similarities between Milei’s ideology and Menemism, noting that this logic had already proven detrimental to the Argentine economy in the past.

Regarding former president Mauricio Macri, Fernndez characterized him as a businessman who seeks power to benefit personally. He dismissed the partnership between Macri and Milei as an act of opportunism and expressed his hope that Macri would understand that his time in Argentine politics has come to an end.

The relationship with Cristina

In another section of the interview with Fontevecchia, Alberto reflected on his relationship with Cristina:

“… Now, in fact, while I governed I had many difficult moments that I do not blame, impute or question. I celebrate what they call being lukewarm,” said Alberto and the director of Perfil observed:

-Originally it was Cristina’s puppet.

-“This is no time for lukewarmness.” Being prudent, being reflective is not being lukewarm. I was thoughtful, I was moderate, and I preserved unity. I had and have a very difficult relationship with Cristina. They told me I was the puppet, but it turns out that ironically, the only one who ended up angry with Cristina was me. So, one can praise that moderation to preserve unity, one must make collective interests prevail over personal ones, and in that I am calm and happy to have acted this way.

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