The striking names of the Ministry of Security operatives

The most resonant police cases were often transcended by the peculiar names that were attributed to them to differentiate them. However, since the inauguration of Javier Milei’s government, the operations of the Ministry of Security that commands Patricia Bullrich They stand out for being titled in really striking ways.

For example, the dismantling of a criminal network known as “La Banda del Cachete” that was dedicated to drug trafficking in the district of La Matanza, was called the operation “Deflated cheeks”as can be seen in the twitter account of the Ministry of Security.

Another operation, in this case the seizure of almost 5 tons of marijuana in the middle of the New Year’s celebrations, was called “Green Rule”. Along the same lines, but after a vehicle check in which a large number of cocaine packages were discovered in Salta, the operation was baptized “Hard packages.”

A new operation related to drug trafficking, where almost 100 kilos of marijuana were seized in Formosa that were bound for Santa Fe, was called “Magic carpet”. Along these lines, the seizure in Misiones of more than 400 boxes of illegal cigarettes that had been stolen in Brazil, led to the operation being named “Rio humor”.

In other types of operations, such as one in the Prefecture where almost 5,000 meters of fishing nets and 180 kg of species were seized at various points along the river coast, it was decided to call it “Finding Nemo”, playing with the kids’ movie and the fish theme.

Another film that was used to call an operation was “Naked guns”, due to the interception of two Chilean citizens without immigration documentation who were carrying eight 9 mm caliber pistols, five pistols with magazines attached to their bodies and three pistols with eight magazines in a bag. And like all these examples, there are several more.

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