The streets and squares of Gharbia are beautified in preparation for Christmas celebrations.. Pictures

Dr. Tariq Rahmi confirmed Western GovernorThe streets and squares of the governorate are being beautified and decorated in preparation for receiving the Merry Christmas celebrations, as the churches and streets were decorated with banners of congratulations from President Sisi to the Coptic brothers, in celebration and joy and the sharing of the Coptic brothers’ joy in celebrating Merry Christmas. The neighborhoods also intensified cleaning work around the churches and washing the sidewalks, in addition to Opening and preparing all parks and gardens to receive the Coptic brothers during the Christmas celebrations, as well as lifting all occupancy around the churches and the streets leading to them.

The governor explained in a statement that the governorate carried out maintenance work on all street lighting poles, and prevented any exposed connections to preserve lives, in addition to providing medical insurance and mobile medical clinics in front of churches.

The Governor of Gharbia congratulated his Coptic brothers in Gharbia Governorate on the occasion of Christmas, adding, “We are all sons of one nation that enjoys unity, peace, and familiarity among its groups under the umbrella of a wise leadership that always seeks to establish the principles of peace, love, and citizenship under the new republic, the foundations of which were established by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.” May God grant our beloved Egypt peace, love and prosperity.”

The Governor of Gharbia pointed out the unity of the fabric of the Egyptian people, pointing out that the relations of love and affinity between Egyptians are not limited to congratulations and exchanging visits during the holidays, but rather they are constants in the Egyptians’ faith that they have passed down through generations, and no attempts to shake or influence them have and will not succeed.

The Governor of Gharbia praised the spirit of friendliness and love that binds the two components of the nation, which appears in their interdependence in the heart of one man in times of ease and adversity, and sends a message to the world that Egypt is a country of security and safety.

The Governor of Gharbia directed the heads of neighborhoods and their deputies to maintain a continuous presence in the street and to fully and continuously coordinate with the security services until the end of the holiday period.

Part of the preparations

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Part of the preparations

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Part of the preparations

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