The StemWijzer House of Representatives election 2023 is online

This morning the StemWijzer for the House of Representatives election of November 22 was launched in Nieuwspoort. Several party leaders and other party prominents were the first to complete the StemWijzer. The StemWijzer online and you can compare your opinion with that of political parties.

Do you think family reunification should be limited? Should the number of livestock be reduced by at least half? Are you in favor of the referendum? After giving your opinion on 30 statements, you will be told which political parties agree with you most on these points. In the event of a tie or a very small difference between games, you will be given the option to compare two games by answering 3 or 5 additional statements via the shoot-out.

The StemWijzer editors have carefully chosen the statements and used various sources: voter research, (draft) election programs and news media. The political parties themselves have provided explanations of their positions in the StemWijzer. This means that you can easily see in the StemWijzer what a political party thinks of a particular position. You can also easily compare the parties.

Other voting aids from ProDemos

Voting assistance the The VoiceTracker is also online. With the Vote Tracker you can check how the parties in the House of Representatives voted during the past government period. Next week will follow YoungVoicethe voting aid for young people.

Why do you choose?

For the upcoming House of Representatives election, StemWijzer is joining forces with the online platform This links users within a few clicks to someone with a different political preference, so that they can start a conversation in a one-on-one chat in online political speed dating.

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