The start of the National Elections Conference to announce the details of the first day of the presidential elections

The conference of the National Elections Authority’s operations room began a short while ago, headed by Counselor Ahmed Bandari, Director of the Authority’s Executive Branch, to follow up on the opening of committees and voting in the 2024 presidential elections, and to respond to all inquiries related to voting work on the first day of the elections, which continues until Tuesday.

Voting work began at 9 a.m. today, Sunday, in the 2024 election committees, in 11,631 committees inside 9,376 electoral centers, including schools, youth centers, and health units, assisted by 110,000 employees nationwide.

Counselor Hazem Badawi, head of the National Elections Authority, called on Egyptians to vote in the presidential election marathon inside Egypt, stressing that he is confident in the awareness of the youth, the wisdom of the sheikhs, and the acumen of authentic Egyptian women in all of Egypt’s cities and villages to complete what our children started abroad.

He stressed the Egyptian citizen’s confidence in performing his national duty and constitutional right to the most important electoral entitlement, which is choosing the country’s president for the next six years.

The National Elections Authority approved 24 embassies to follow up on the presidential elections, and 67 diplomats were registered for follow-up work. 14 international organizations were accredited with 220 observers, in addition to 62 local civil society organizations registered, and permits were issued to 22,340 of their observers.

The number of media followers of the presidential elections reached 528 international observers from 115 media outlets and journalists, in addition to 70 local media outlets and journalists for whom permits were issued to 4,218 journalists and media professionals.





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