The showrunner has publicly denied Kumail Nanjiani’s claim of being kicked out of the show

The first few episodes of the long-awaited Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake spin-off have finally made their way to Max, but after watching it, some fans were wondering one thing: Who voices Prisma?

According to Kumail Nanjiani, who voiced the character in the original series, it definitely wasn’t him. The Marvel actor stated on Xu, formerly known as Twitter, that he was “never asked” to return to voice the character – a claim that showrunner Adam Muto quickly denied.

“Yes, it’s not me. I would love to vote for Prisma again. He’s one of my absolute favorite characters I’ve ever had the honor of playing. He is very close to my heart,” Nanjiani wrote in a post that has since been deleted, according to screenshots of the exchange. “Unfortunately, I was never asked to come back and give him a voice again. I would do it for free.”

Muto quickly responded by claiming that they had in fact sent “several offers” to Nanjiani’s dealership.

“Hey, we’d love to have you back. At the casting, we were told that several offers have reached your representatives. We said we could be flexible with the schedule, but we got respect. I’m sorry it didn’t work,” he wrote.

The actor said he would take up the matter with his representative and asked for more information so he could “understand what happened”.

“Woof. They never told me. That’s funny. I’m very sorry about that. And I will talk to my representatives. Could you tell me when you would send the offer? I want to understand what happened. And congratulations on the premiere!” Nanjiani replied.

Nanjiani lent his voice to Prisma in seven episodes of the original Adventure time series between 2012 and 2016.

The new series follows Fionna the Human and Cake the Cat, who are alternate universe versions of the original characters Finn and Jake. In this YA series, Fionna and Cake embark on an adventure through the multiverse, where they encounter powerful new enemies as well as old friends.

The new series, which is the third part of the franchise, premiered on August 31 to positive reviews.

This article originally appeared in Decider and is reproduced with permission.

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