The serious problem that Silvina Escudero is going through was revealed

Silvina Escudero He left everyone very worried with his statements in Intruders (America, at 12:30), where he stated, without giving any other details: “Something happened to me that was very ugly. I had a bad time. And I shared it with my inner circle, it was very personal, private“. Hours later, in LAM (America, at 20), with her authorization, Angel De Brito He explained what the drama that the dancer is going through.

The driver of LAM revealed that the serious problem he is facing Silvina Escudero lost her first pregnancy when I was in week 14, after having undergone treatment to be a mother.

According to De Brito, Silvina told him that she is not strong enough to talk about the issue in front of the television cameras, but that after her statements in Intruders, she received so many messages and realized that there were so many people worried that He chose to ask him to give the information.

At the beginning of the broadcast of LAM Today, Monday, De Brito warned that he was going to refer to a very serious issue and said: “Silvina Escudero asked me to tell this: she was pregnant and I wanted to wait to tell it.”

“I’m not going to go into details, but in week 14 he lost it. For this reason, she distanced herself from the media and networks. She is very sad. She was also hospitalized, but for something else, an umbilical hernia,” she added.

Silvina Escudero lost her pregnancy.  instagramSilvina Escudero lost her pregnancy. instagram

“Silvina stopped working at the end of 2019,” Ángel added. Dancing and had been in the cast of Sex, but he distanced himself from the media, he stopped doing theater; She practically left all her work as a dancer. Although she was a panelist on the program that Jey (Mammón) had in America, she avoided anything that required her to make physical effort.”

“I talked about what I’m saying with Silvina for a long time, it’s not that I’m telling anything on my own,” he clarified. “She asked me to tell it because she’s bombarded with messages and She still doesn’t feel strong enough to go out and tell it on TV. She is very sad“.

De Brito, about Silvina Escudero: “She is very sad and has therapeutic support”

“Silvina was pregnant,” De Brito continued. “I had found out about her pregnancy, I wrote to her and she confirmed it to me, but she asked me to wait a few days to say it publicly. I was waiting for three months of pregnancy to be completed. And when three months were up, he asked me to wait a little longer.

Silvina Escudero asked Ángel De Brito to tell her drama: in week 14, she lost her pregnancy.  Capture TV.Silvina Escudero asked Ángel De Brito to tell her drama: in week 14, she lost her pregnancy. Capture TV.

“Y In week 14, Silvina lost her pregnancy -he added-. Later, she will tell the reasons, or whatever she wants to tell, but this is the topic that kept her so far away from TV and the networks.”

“First, as a family project, she and her husband decided to look for a baby with treatment. Finally, the pregnancy came and she hid for a while because she didn’t want her belly to be seen. And finally, the pregnancy was interrupted.”

Regarding Silvina’s state of mind, the driver of LAM stated: “He is very sad, very bad. She told me that her husband Federico and her sister Vanina were her great supporters. And obviously, has therapeutic support“.

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