The Return series, Episode 1.. Sherif Salama returns to Luxor to search for his brother

Watched the first episode of Return series Introductory events for the heroes of the work, as the episode began with Adam (Sherif Salama) returning to his village in Luxor Governorate after being absent for years to search for his brother Yahya (Tamer Nabil), who disappeared without anyone knowing his whereabouts. Then he goes to his father’s grave and remembers how he was forbidden before. From attending his burial according to his father’s will.

The events also shed light on Adam falling in love with Kian (Tara Emad) before his travel, and his recollection of the meeting that brought them together upon his return, and Kian’s refusal to marry after him. Hanaa (Basant Shawqi) also goes to Hashem (Hamza Al-Aili) and informs him of the removal decision that came to him. The village mayor, Hassan (Essam El-Sakka), stands next to her and tells her to implement the law and demolish the house.

The series is shown from Saturday to Wednesday on the DMC channel at 8 pm, with repeats at 2 am and 1:30 pm, and it is shown on the DMC Drama channel at 11 pm, with repeats at 5 am and 4:30 pm.

Heroes of the return series

“The Return” series, starring Sherif Salama, Tara Emad, Hamza El-Aly, Walid Fawaz, Essam El-Sakka, Basant Shawky, Mohamed Ali Rizk, Walaa El-Sherif, Mohamed Radwan, Safaa El-Toukhy, Tamer Nabil, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Imad Safwat, Shahista Saad, and Ahmed. Wali, Sarah Nour, and the work is written by Amin Gamal, directed by Ahmed Hassan, and produced by Aroma Company, by producer Tamer Mortada, sponsored by United Media Services. Its events take place in an Upper Egypt context, and the work deals with one of the important issues of Upper Egypt related to gold prospecting.

The story of the return series

The events revolve around Adam, who returns to his country, Luxor, after his brother Yahya disappeared under mysterious circumstances, to begin the journey of searching for him. During the search, the old love relationship between Adam and Kian, whom he could not marry before his travel, because her family did not accept the events bringing them together again, is renewed. Will their relationship succeed? this time? What is the fate of Yahya after evidence emerges that he was killed and that the secret of his disappearance is an old map of a gold mine?

The Return series, episode 1

Return series
Return series

Sherif Salama
Sherif Salama

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