“The resistance is well.” Al-Quds Brigades are ready to release two Israeli prisoners

Abu Hamza, the military spokesman for the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, announced the announcement In PalestineToday, Thursday, the movement is preparing to release an elderly Israeli woman and a young man.

Abu Hamza said in a video speech: “We announce our readiness to release the elderly woman, Henna Katzir, and the boy, Yigil Yaakov, for humanitarian and health reasons.”

He added: “We disclaim our responsibility towards the enemy prisoners in light of the barbaric bombing on every inch of the country.” Gaza strip“.

He stressed that the Al-Quds Brigades “are an integral part of the operation Al-Aqsa flood“And we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Qassam Brigades.”

Abu Hamza pointed out that “Palestine is facing a global war whose goal is to annihilate the Palestinian people, who are subjected to the worst types of crimes and massacres in complete silence.”

He stressed that “the resistance will do well if its members are repulsed.” Columns of tanks The enemy’s mercenaries are on all fronts of the fighting, while our enemy, which is trying to advance by drinking pain in its tanks that have become mobile coffins, targets everything, even its prisoners.”

The two prisoners hold Netanyahu responsible for the lives of the prisoners

“Saraya Al-Quds” broadcast Video of the two prisoners In it, they talked about the conditions of their detention, accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of abandoning them, and demanded action to release them as soon as possible.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Katzir pointed out that Netanyahu is responsible for everything that happens, and that he committed grave mistakes that led to harm to Israeli society and the Palestinians.

She added that it is time for Netanyahu to leave the government. She confirmed that the jihad fighters did everything in their power to keep the prisoners safe and alive.

In turn, Yacoub explained that the bombing and killing happening in Gaza is unbelievable, addressing Netanyahu by saying: “You are killing children and Israeli prisoners as well, and if something happens to me, you are responsible, because jihad fighters are working with all their might to preserve the lives of all the prisoners.”

On October 7, Al-Qassam launched Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” on Israeli settlements and military headquarters surrounding the Gaza Strip, resulting in hundreds of Israeli deaths and the capture of more than 240 Israelis.

On Tuesday, the military spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades confirmed Abu Obeida The occupation obstructed the release of 12 detainees in Gaza who hold foreign nationalities, noting that “this intransigence puts the lives of foreign prisoners and their own in danger as the bombing continues.”

On October 26, Al-Qassam announced About 50 detainees were killed It has the continuing Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip.

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