The referee deprives Pyramids of numerical superiority against Al-Masry… and a penalty kick for Zamalek against Enppi

Adel Akl, the arbitration expert, confirmed that the opening matches of the fifth round of Omar Dori nile I witnessed many influential refereeing decisions during today’s matches Friday, which brought together Pyramids, Al-Masry, Zamalek and Enppi.

The first meeting between Pyramids and Al-Masry, and ended with the Al-Samawi team winning 3/2 over the Port Said boys, in a match moderated by Mahmoud Bassiouny, who was subjected to more than one test. During the match, the referee blew the whistle and counted 28 violations in an appropriate estimate.

The referee issued the yellow card on 3 occasions, the most controversial of which was a warning to Abdullah Al-Saeed, the Pyramids player, in the 57th minute, as there was no violation and we did not see an objection. Who is happy?

Bassiouni overlooked the expulsion of Marwan Hamdy, the Al-Masry player, who spat on the audience before leaving the field while being substituted in the 75th minute, and he should have intervened. The “WAS“In accordance with the protocol, and also the fourth referee, within the framework of joint cooperation between the crew in managing the match in accordance with the law.

The two assistants showed alertness and good positioning, and the duo indicated 3 cases of offside. They allowed play to continue in more than one effective attack, and cooperated with the referee in managing the match.

The match between Zamalek and Enppi was managed by the international Mohamed Adel, and ended with the victory of the petroleum team 2/1, and the referee succeeded in controlling the match from the beginning and best assessed the violations. Technically, he intervened with the whistle and awarded 24 violations to the two teams, the most notable of which was when he issued a decree with a correct penalty kick in favor of Zizou, the Zamalek player, in the 30th minute. Including Al-Abyad, his only goal in the match, and he confirmed, “WAS” the decision .

The referee allowed play to continue when Zamalek called for a penalty kick and confirmed the “WAS“The decision was that there was no violation by the Enppi defender in a good decision by the referee in cooperation with The “WASThe referee also estimated the stoppage time at the end of both halves of the match.

The referee showed the yellow card on 4 occasions for recklessness in an appropriate assessment, and the two assistants appeared alert and in good positioning, and the duo pointed out 3 cases of offside at an appropriate time. The fourth referee made an effort to control the technical area.

Zamalek and Mohamed Adel,,,,

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