The rapper Shiva becomes a father in prison and writes a letter to his son: «I will never forgive myself for this absence but I will make up for it»

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The artist, 24 years old, has been detained since October on charges of attempted murder for a shooting that occurred in Settimo Milanese. The joy of fatherhood shared by his staff: «A blessing in the midst of all this chaos»

«Today is the most beautiful day of my life but at the same time the saddest. My son was born but I was not allowed to be present at his birth.”. He writes it rapper Shiva in a letter dedicated to the newborn and which was published by the staff on its Instagram pages. Andrea Arrigonithis is his name, 24 years old has been in prison since October 26th on charges of attempted murderafter one shooting which took place in front of his record company in Settimo Milanese.

His lawyers asked only a few days ago before the Milan Review Court for the revocation of the order keeping him in prison, which however was rejected. «Until the end I hoped to be there but things didn’t go as planned — wrote the trapper in the letter, handwritten in block capitals on a white sheet and dated November 25th —. I found out about your birth from the fireworks they made for you thus knowing that today November 25, 2023 has become the most important day of my life and in the midst of all this chaos you are my blessing.”

It was Shiva himself who announced the imminent paternity on social media when he posted a photo of an ultrasound of the child with the writing “New Prince of Milan” and the symbol of a crown. «I already love you madly and can’t wait to see you as soon as I get permission. This is the worst sentence and the worst lesson I could have received – concluded Shiva -. I will never forgive myself for this absence but it will be one more reason to make up for it with all the love I have».

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November 26, 2023 (modified November 26, 2023 | 7:19 pm)


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