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The Pentagon revealed updates on the health condition of Secretary Lloyd Austin, who has been at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center since January 1, after suffering complications from surgery, announcing that the American official is recovering well and in good spirits.

In response to questions from the New York Times, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder said that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin underwent an elective medical procedure at Walter Reed on December 22, two days after his return from a five-day trip to the Middle East. After suffering severe pain, on January 1 of the new year 2024, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was transferred to Walter Reed and placed in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Austin continues to monitor the daily operations of the Pentagon.

The Pentagon spokesman, Pat Ryder, indicated that the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin He continues to monitor the daily operations of the Ministry of Defense around the world, adding in a statement that the Minister has full access via the required secure communications, according to what was reported by the American “CNN” news network.

The Pentagon spokesman added that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, since resuming his duties last Friday evening, has received operational updates and provided the necessary guidance to his team in the ministry. Ryder added that the ministry does not yet know when Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will be released from the hospital.

New details in delayed notification of Austin’s illness

And it was US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin took responsibility for the delay in notifying him of his illness, and in a statement issued yesterday evening, Saturday, he acknowledged concerns about transparency, according to what the Russian “Russia Today” news network reported.

Ryder had previously said that because Chief of Staff Kelly E. Magsamin, was ill, she was unable to provide notice Austin’s disease Until Thursday, General Ryder said that Magsamin informed Kathleen Hicks, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan about the Defense Secretary’s hospitalization at the time, according to what the American newspaper “New York Times” reported.

US President Joe Biden was not informed for several days about Defense Secretary Lloyd’s illness AustinUntil Sullivan’s advisor informed him last Thursday, while a senior Pentagon official said that Hicks was not notified until last Thursday that Austin had been hospitalized. Once she was notified, Hicks began preparing data to send to Congress and made plans to return from her vacation. From Puerto Rico to Washington, according to the Russian news network Russia Today.

Informing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Austin’s hospitalization

The Pentagon official explained that Hicks had communications equipment with her to stay in touch and had already been assigned some minister-level duties last Tuesday.

For his part, a senior military official said that General Charles Q. Brown Jr., Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was informed by his staff last Tuesday that Austin had been hospitalized, while former Vice President Mike Pence described Austin’s delay in revealing his hospitalization as dereliction of duty. He added, in his speech to the “State of the Union” program on the American CNN news network, that the minister’s handling of this matter is completely unacceptable.

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