the particular name he chose for his son

Magui Bravi (36) gave birth to her first child fruit of his relationship with the architect Octavio Cattaneo (38). The baby, who was born before the expected date, received a very particular name.

The actress I had a due date for February., but finally the child was born last Tuesday. So Maite Peñoñori announced it in LAM (America at 20), a program that also had given the first scoop of the pregnancy.

Magui Bravi’s son was born today afternoon, his name is Galileo.“, reported the panelist in the cycle led by Ángel de Brito.

Already at the end of December, Magui had shared a video where she was seen with an advanced pregnancy belly. “It’s not long before I meet you, baby,” she said along with that publication she made on her Instagram account, where she is followed by almost a million and a half people.

In turn, on that date, the dancer celebrated a original baby shower where it was carried out a ritual to bless the arrival of Galileo.

In a video he shared you could see all those present sitting around Magui to meditate and then, under the instructions of a shaman who scripted the ceremonyThey walked in circles holding hands.


The dancer shared a super special afternoon with her friends.

“We ate delicious things and had a ritual moment where we connected a lot with nature and A shaman accompanied us and guided us and took out a letter for the baby: THE SUN was very beautiful!“Magui said about the experience at that time.

As she herself said on her social networks, Bravi fully enjoyed the gestation period: “I know I’m going to miss the belly, one of the best moments of my life.”

Magui Bravi in ​​the sweet expectation of her son Galileo.  instagramMagui Bravi in ​​the sweet expectation of her son Galileo. instagram

In fact on his Instagram profile You can see several photos of her happily showing off her beautiful belly.. He also used this medium to share with his followers the entire process and what he was feeling each month.

This is how Magui Bravi announced her first pregnancy

In August of last year, Ángel de Brito was in charge of giving the scoop in LAM that the dancer was expecting her first child and was in her third month of pregnancy.


Five months after announcing her marriage to the architect, with whom she has been in a relationship for 14 years, the dancer confirmed her pregnancy.

Immediately, panelist Fernanda Iglesias added information about the dancer and her partner: “They have been together for 14 years, they had a impasse when she began to become known, but then they came back, he is an architect, his name is Octavio Cattaneo and this year they had announced their marriage in March.”

Well done Magui and your new Octavio Cattaneo.  Photo: InstagramWell done Magui and your new Octavio Cattaneo. Photo: Instagram

Once the news broke, Magui shared a photo of her with an incipient pregnancy belly on her Instagram and a video with the ultrasound of the baby that was on the way.

Lucía Magdalena Ana Bravi, as is her full name, wrote in that publication: “We turned 3 months, we gained 3 kilos and you are the dream and the biggest challenge of my life. Today I can only thank you. Total happiness”.

Magui Bravi shared images of her pregnancy.  instagramMagui Bravi shared images of her pregnancy. instagram

The messages of affection from his colleagues did not take long to arrive and flooded the emotional post, which It already has more than 50 thousand likes and 1,400 comments.

That was the first of many publications that Bravi made on the occasion of the child he was expecting with his partner.

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