The National Electoral Chamber recalled that complaints of irregularities must be made through legal channels

The National Electoral Chamber (CNE) warned that all complaints for “irregularities, faults or crimes” during the general elections this sunday must be carried out in person or virtually, since “anonymous” submissions have no legal validity.

Through a statement, the CNE reported that Complaints must be made through “the established legal channels”, that is, “in person, before the polling station authorities, electoral delegates, federal electoral courts and federal electoral prosecutors’ offices.”

They can also be presented virtually through the portal provided by the National Electoral Justice. “All complaints require – as a matter of necessity – the identification of the person who presents it, and those that are anonymous will not be valid,” he remarked.

In this sense, they pointed out that “alternative routes arranged by political groups, candidates or individuals, which do not validate the identity of the person making the complaint, lack legal validity and could hinder the prevention, resolution and sanction of the denounced maneuver.”

National Electoral Chamber Communiqué

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