The movie Foy Foy Foy…the secret of director Omar Hilal’s attack on journalists and his apology

Issued Omar Hilal exit Voy voy voy movie voy voy voy, The scene after it sparked controversy and caused some journalists to become angry with him because he mocked a reporter at the film’s press conference in a way that some saw as inappropriate in responding to the journalist.

Omar Hilal’s response caused a state of anger and dissatisfaction, which amounted to demands to boycott his work and the artist Mohamed Farrag, the hero of the work.

Director Omar Hilal and artist Mohamed Farrag

Omar Hilal’s apology

It did not take long for Omar Hilal to apologize to the journalists and the media, after what he said during the special presentation of the work, and his response to one of the journalists in a way that aroused their anger.

Where Omar Hilal, a film director, wrote Wow wow wow Through his official account on “Facebook”: “A clarification regarding the press. Some words are being circulated that indicate that I responded poorly to a journalist’s question. First, I am sorry if this response was taken as a mockery, as it was not. Rather, it was a clarification in which there was “joking and laughing” with a journalist. I felt that he was light-hearted when he gave me an interview on the response card… Sorry if I joked with you… I swear I didn’t mean it, the atmosphere was delicious and they were celebrating the movie and I felt that you personally are a person who loves to joke.”

Omar Hilal said, “All appreciation and respect to the press, the media and the critics. How could it not be when you are the ones who have the greatest credit for this story and the film. Thank you.”

Director Omar Hilal also expressed his great happiness about the nomination of his film “Whoa Whoa Whoa”for the 2023 Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Fuy fuy fuy movie

The events of the movie “Voy Voy Voy” come within a framework of drama and black comedy around Hassan “Mohamed Farraj” The security guard, who lives a poor life with his mother, seeks to travel outside Egypt by joining the blind football team in one of the World Cup tournaments in Europe and decides to pretend that he is a visually impaired player.

During this trip, Hassan meets many characters, including a young and attractive journalist who is interested in writing about that team and is interested in it in particular, and a middle-aged coach looking for an opportunity, along with his two friends who join him in going to great lengths to be with the team in the hope that it will provide… This is their ticket to life and more opportunities

Fuy fuy fuy movie

Foy foy foy at the Oscars

On Monday, the Syndicate of Cinema Professions in Egypt announced the nomination of the director’s film “Foy, Foy, Foy.” Omar Hilalto compete for the Oscar for Best International Film at the 96th Academy Awards.

The union said in a statement that the film received a majority of the votes of the committee selecting the film nominated to represent Egypt at the Oscars, which was composed of a group of independent filmmakers and critics.

Fuy fuy fuy movie

The heroes of the movie Voy Voy Voy

Voy Voy Voy movie Written and directed by Omar Hilal, and starring a large number of stars, most notably the artist Mohamed Farrag, Bayoumi Fouad, Taha Desouky, Amjad El Haggar, Hanan Youssef, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Haggag Abdel Azim, in collaboration with Nelly Karim and a special appearance by Basant Shawky.

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“Different and funny.” Dalia Shawky celebrates the screening of the film Foy Foy Foy | photo

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