the most critical situation in the provinces of Piacenza and Parma – Emilia-Romagna Region

Widespread landslides and growing watercourses, in Piacenza It is in the Parma, where it has been raining heavily since the early hours of today. The waterways have reached threshold 3; while for the Purely the peak of the flood has already passed, there is great attention – with constant monitoring of the situation – for the Baganzaespecially near Colorno.

Precisely in view of the rise in the level of the Baganza and Parma streams, a gradual lowering (at 50 meters of water per second) of the gates at the mouths of the river has been underway since 11 this morning. Parma’s expansion fund, managed by Aipo. The objective is to retain part of the water in the reservoir and reduce the flow towards the city of Parma, where the Baganza flows into the other stream (the Parma).

“Maximum attention and alert since yesterday and constant monitoring of the phenomena – underlines the vice-president of the Region with responsibility for Civil Protection, Irene Prioloin constant contact with the president Stefano Bonaccini and the Junta-; we are in contact with the Municipalities, the Prefectures, the Fire Brigade and all the forces in the area. The technicians of the Regional Agency for Territorial Security and Civil Protection have been active since yesterday, together with the Civil Protection volunteers, just as the COCs, the operational centers in the affected provinces, have been open since yesterday”.

This morning, a bridge over the Sporzana stream, in Ozzanello, in the municipality of Terenzo (Parma) partially collapsed due to the flooding of the river. There are some isolated families, the provincial roads are closed.

In the Piacenza area, the stream Purely it exceeded threshold 3. In Farini, several families were evacuated in the morning and the bridges in Ferriere, Ponte dell’Olio and Bettola were closed; as a precaution, volunteers are already ready with trucks of sand and bags in the pre-established areas adjacent to Piacenza. Trebbia, currently under level 2, does not currently cause concern.

Yesterday’s weather forecast is therefore confirmed, with very significant quantities of rain in the westernmost areas of the region, especially with thundershowers, starting from the Apennines, moving from west to east and from the mountains to the plains; strong winds and rough seas off the coast of Ferrara.

Meanwhile, one has been issued new weather alertvalid from 12 noon today, 30 October, and throughout tomorrow, 31 October 2023, with thewidening of the red alert for hydraulic criticality (full of rivers) in the G1 and G2 area (mountains, hills and plains of Piacenza and Parma).

The intense rainfall observed and forecast today, Monday 30 October, will determine hydrometric levels close to or above threshold 3 on Aveto, Nure and Parma-Baganza; however, close to or higher than thresholds 2 in the other watercourses of the western sector of Emilia-Romagna. Are expected widespread landslide phenomena, extensive runoff along the slopes and rapid rises in hydrometric levels in the smaller grid with bank erosion phenomena.

In the evening, sea conditions are expected near the coast which may cause localized phenomena marine intrusion and coastal erosion, particularly on the Ferrara coast. In the early hours of tomorrow, Tuesday 31 October, favorable conditions are still expected for the development of strong intensity thunderstorms progressively moving from the western to the eastern reliefs with the phenomena ending in the morning.

Precipitation will slow down the exhaustion of current floods, while landslides, widespread runoff along the slopes and bank erosion in the smaller grid will be possible in the first half of the day. South-westerly strong gale-force winds (75-88 km/h) are expected in the mountain areas and moderate gale-force winds (62-74 km/h) in the hilly areas of the region, with temporary reinforcements or gusts of higher intensity attenuating from hours evening. In the first half of the day, very rough to rough seas offshore are expected for the Ferrara coast, subsequently easing, and sea conditions near the coast which could generate localized phenomena of marine ingression and coastal erosion.

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