The martyrdom of Omar Daraghmeh.. The occupation takes revenge on the prisoners after the “Al-Aqsa Flood”

The occupation authorities have imposed major restrictions and penalties on Palestinian prisoners since October 7, with the start of the aggression. On the Gaza Strip Following the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation, according to what the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority reported.

Yesterday evening, Monday, the Commission, along with the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, announced the martyrdom of administrative detainee Omar Hamza Hassan Daraghmeh (58 years old) from Tubas, who was detained in Megiddo Prison, and they held Israel responsible for that “crime.”

A few days ago, the head of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Affairs Authority, Fares Qaddoura, warned that the Israeli occupation is practicing a policy of revenge against Palestinian prisoners, especially in the Negev prison, which he said has become like a prison or a stranger.

“Revenge and torture”

Today, Tuesday, the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority spoke in its statement about “measures and penalties it imposes.” Israel’s right to prisoners As a form of revenge and torture” since October 7.

She added that Israel “withdrew all electrical appliances, including televisions, food heating plates, and water heating kettles, and cut off electricity from the departments from six in the morning until six in the evening.”

She pointed out that “going out for recess is limited to only twenty minutes, and sometimes prisoners are completely deprived of it.”

She stated, “All sports equipment was destroyed, and hot water was cut off from the sections, forcing the prisoners to shower with cold water.”

Rounding up the detainees

According to the Commission, the Israeli authorities have closed the kitchen and now provide “only two modest meals,” in addition to conducting periodic and daily inspections of the rooms.

She also pointed out that the prison authorities “place 9 prisoners in each room instead of 5, as was previously the case, and are also working to transfer some prisoners whose sentences have expired to administrative detention (without sentencing).

Since October 7, the Israeli occupation has launched an aggression against the Gaza Strip, resulting in the martyrdom of more than 5000 PalestiniansAnd an unspecified number of people missing under the rubble.

In parallel, the occupation is launching a massive arrest campaign in the West Bank, as Al-Arabi’s correspondent from Jerusalem, Rima Abu Hamdiyeh, indicated that the number of detainees has reached more than 1,215 Palestinian detainees since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

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