‘The Little Mermaid’ actress Halle Bailey announces birth of son

Actress and singer Halle Bailey announced the birth of her first child this Sunday, the 7th. The performer of Ariel in the live-action of The Little Mermaid, released by Disney in 2023, shared the news on her Instagram profile.

“Welcome to the world, my Halo. The world is desperate to meet you,” the singer wrote in the publication. The actress is in a relationship with rapper DDG, Darryl Granberry Jr., who is also the father of little Halo.

Halle chose to hide her pregnancy from the press. However, there were suspicions that she was pregnant due to the frequency of wearing loose clothing to hide her belly in recent months.

On social media, some of the singer’s fans were surprised by the revelation. Others joked that the baby’s name was the same as the song Halo by Beyoncé, which was a hit in Brazil on the soundtrack of the soap opera Caminho das Indias, in 2009.

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