The light in the farm on Rai 1: film plot, cast, previews

Ua story about family relationships and clashes, pain, attachment to one’s roots, love and the future that enters the homes of Italians thanks to the advent of TV. The film The light in the farm, airing tonight on Rai 1 at 9.30pmtells a little about all this through the eyes of Pinucciothe smallest of the Rondinone family.

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The TV film by Riccardo Donna and Tiziana Aristarco also celebrates 70 years of RAI. TV is spreading throughout Italy. In 1962 he also arrived in Materawhere the Rondinones live, a family that lives from agriculture thanks to their farm. But the countryside is slowly emptying: progress and factories are taking over.

The light in the farm: the plot

Matera, 1962. The Rondinones live from agriculture on their farm in Basilicata. The family is large. Patriarch Aristarchus (Renato Carpentieri) together with their children and sons-in-law they carry on the business with difficulty. There are also grandchildren projected into the future and at the same time anchored to their land. Among these, little Pinuccio stands outthe narrator of the film, captured by the advent of TV, which also arrived in Matera.

He is the one telling the story. The protagonist is the Rondinone family and above all one of the sons of Aristarchus, Vicenzo (Domenico Diele), the youngest and strongest of the children, this is how it appears in the child’s eyes. For Pinuccio, his uncle is a kind of father, since he is his father emigrated to work in the mines in Belgium.

One day, however, the world collapses on the family: Vincenzo is diagnosed with a rare diseasemultiple sclerosis, which could prevent him from walking. His beloved Giuseppina leaves him unexpectedly to get involved with the rich Mariano, former laborer of the Rondinone family who intends to buy the farm.

Aurora Ruffino plays the role of Imma, a modern woman

For Vincenzo the news of the illness is a hard blow. He struggles to walk and the cane becomes a close ally. Before dying, Aristarchus thinks of his son buying him a tobacco shop to run in Matera. When the patriarch dies, the other children think of selling the farm and going to work in the factory. The harmony of the family is brokenthe brothers argue and each decides to go their own way.

Vincenzo together with Pinuccio and Imma (Aurora Ruffino), the girl he falls in love with and which reports the light in his life, they have a plan in mind. At the beginning the relationship between Vincenzo and Imma is complicated: after learning of the illness Vincenzo withdraws into himself e he gives up in the face of pain.

Thanks to Pinuccio, his teenage sister and Imma, the man reacts and manages to reopen his eyes to life, despite everything. «Imma is a very young, modern and determined woman who dreams of independence and to become a nurse”, says the actress.

Domenico Diele and Aurora Ruffino. (Photo F. Di Benedetto)

Domenico Diele returns to acting after prison

Domenico Diele returns to acting after being sentenced to 5 years in prison in 2020 for killing one in 2017 48 year old woman in a road accident. Investigations revealed that the actor was driving with a suspended license for drug use and, after his arrest, he declared that he would regular use of heroin. The interpreter of 1993 Since 2022 he has been in probationary custody with social services. The light in the farm represents a new beginning for the actor.

Domenico Diele. (Photo F. Di Benedetto)

The light in the farm celebrates 70 years of Italian TV

On 3 January 1954, Rai began its regular broadcasting service throughout the national territory. Within a few years, television entered the homes of Italians. In 1965 there were over 6 million subscribers. The film, set in 1962, tells the story of when TV arrived in Matera. Pinuccio enjoys imitating Rai announcers and dreams of becoming an aerialist one day.

Among the programs mentioned in The light in the farm There are The gold sequin with the magician Zurlì and Topo Gigio, Great song, Carousel and the lessons of Professor Alberto Manzi in the broadcast It’s never too late.

Giovanni Limite as Pinuccio. (Photo F. Di Benedetto)

Rai’s 70 years on Rai Play

Rai Play also celebrates 70 years of TV history. It will be available on the streaming platform until May 30th 70X70, did you know that… a program that collects seventy unpublished stories closely linked to the characters and the programs that have made public service broadcasting great.

Pills of approximately 4 minutes which, thanks to the material of the Teche Rai, show little-known episodes from the early days of television taken from Leave or doubleMike Bongiorno’s first quiz from 1955, from Portobelloand from the announcements of the always smiling “good evening ladies” and from many other programs that have marked the history of Rai.


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