The Lakers burn the Rockets, LeBron James extraordinary

Back to the success against the Trail Blazersi Los Angeles Lakers ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’› (7-6) try to repeat themselves against the Houston Rockets (6-4), yes victorious in Texas at the beginning of the month.

I gialloviola they are deprived Gabe Vincent e Jarred VanderbiltWhile Jalen Hood-Schifino is available for the first time this season. The Texans do not have Amen Thompson e Victor Oladipo. Hamshire Russell, Prince, Reddish, James and Davis; Udoka replica con VanVleet, Jalen Green, Brooks, Smith Jr. e Sengun.

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๐Ÿ€ Lakers vs Rockets: Recap

The boys of Darwin Ham they start well: they look for Davis (3/3) continuously and hit threes with Russell and James. But the team of Making Udoka confirms that it is solid and responds with a basket each for all the starters. The Californians waste a few possessions and after a jumper by Reddish they are overtaken by the Texans by Sengun: 13-14 with 5:43 on the clock.

The Lakers defend badly, attack worse and the Rockets run away (+10) with triples from Smith Jr. and VanVleet (two). The Brow then stops Houston’s partial Jalen Green (from the foul line) and Reaves (from three) close the quarter: 20-28. After the excellent start, in six minutes LA conceded one run of 4-21. AD aside, the other eight don’t come in they combined for 10 points on 4/21 shooting (19% ๐Ÿฅถ).

To shake i gialloviola it can only be LeBron. The four-time MVP rewards Reddish’s cuts and Rui Hachimura (twice), then with an and-one he responds to Je’s baskets. Green. James also responds to Brooks’ triple and brings his forward from the line. Five points of Jabari Smith Jr. they are worth 36-40 six and a half minutes before the long break.

The Lakers attack with their heads down and take the lead again with baskets from Davis and James, but the Rockets respond with Jaeโ€™Sean Tate and they placed another lead with triples from Sengun and Brooks. A three-point play by Reaves and a magic from the Turkish center for Ja. Green ends the half, with LA down 49 to 55.

๐Ÿ”„ I Lakers bruciano in volata i Rockets

Upon returning to the field, the Los Angelesnians try to defend with greater discipline, while tension rises between James and Brooks (one coach for LeBron, one for Udoka). The Californians close the gap with three baskets turnaround Of Anthony Davis and they equalize with James’ attacks. Houston gets back on track with Fred VanVleet and Brooks, but LA remains ahead with the duo โ€˜Bron & The Brow: 64-62 with 6:38 on the clock.

The game goes through a tired phase: the Lakers only score from the line, then – with Sengun on the bench (4 PF) – they overtake Davis. The Rockets remain in the wake of the veteran Jeff Green, who scores seven points and forces AD into his fourth foul. The third quarter ends with James – once again – the protagonist: he serves first Cam Reddish on the perimeter, then mocks Brooks after beating him: 81-75 at the last mini-break.

The Texans pick up the pace and move the score with Tari Eason and six points from Sengun, the Californians suffer but remain ahead with James and five points from Reaves. Davis returns to the court, but after a few moments he commits his fifth foul. Hachimura and James โ€“ with a vintage dunk โ€“ set the score at 92-85 six minutes from the siren.

The Rockets come back to within one possession with two consecutive 3-pointers Dillon Brooksthe Lakers rely on LeBron Jameswho responds to the โ€œrivalโ€ with a turnaround fadeaway and with a three-pointer. After a pullup from VanVleet, the Chosen One scores the free throw for +3 with 2:25 to play.

Brooks and James miss from long range, VanVleet doesn’t: the match returns to a draw. LeBron ed Alperen Sengun they score a basket each, then the Turkish center forces AD into a sixth foul but fails to pass. He passes the ball to James, ready to face Brooks once again. But LeBron doesn’t force, he plays two with Austin Reaves and serves it after him switch:

The Lakers celebrate, but the Rockets don’t collapse: Sengun scores two more times, in the middle Hillbilly Kobe misses a free throw: draw with 4″ on the clock.

Throw-in angelena entrusted to Reaves, who serves James skilfully to break free and force Eason to foul. But LeBron also misses a free throw and Houston has 1.9″ to attempt the coup. Without timeout the Texans rely on Brooks’ prayer (challenged by LBJ) but it is too short: 105-104, Lakers Win!

๐Ÿ“Š Stats & Box Score

James closes yet another unreal performance with 37 points (14/19 from the field, 2/5 from beyond the arc and 7/9 from the free throw line), 6 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals and 2 turnovers in just under 40 minutes on the court . Excellent performance for Davis (27+10+3 with 11/15 shooting and 3 stocks in 33 minutes), tainted by a couple of naive fouls that could have cost the Lakers dearly.

Also in double figures were Reaves (17+6+6 with 5/7 from the field and 5/6 from the free throw line) and Hachimura (11+4+2). Russell (4+5+2 with 1/5 from three), Prince (2+4+2 with 1/11 shooting) and Reddish (7+3+3 with 1/5 from the arc and 3 steals) were inaccurate. Also on the scoresheet are Wood (0/4 from the field and 3 rebounds) and Hayes (2 rebounds). DNP for Christie and Hood-Schifino.

The Rockets’ top scorer is Brooks (24+1+2 with 6/11 from three and 4 steals). Also in double figures were Sengun (23+10+5 with 11/16 shooting), VanVleet (15+1+16 with 5/14 from the field), Smith Jr. (14+5) and Jeff Green (13+2) . For Jalen Green 9 points with 3/10 shooting, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

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๐Ÿ“… Next Game

I Los Angeles Lakers they return to the field at night (4:00 ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น) between Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd November to face the Utah Jazz all Arena.

On the cover: LeBron James and Dillon Brooks during the game between the Lakers and Rockets at the Arena. (Katelyn Mulcahy, Getty Images)

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