The history of Riestra’s particular method

The players are sweating despite the freezing dawn. Not even a bird has been heard yet, the moon is a direct witness of the effort made by the boys dressed in black, with thermal clothing and jackets. It’s nothing new for them, every year, Deportivo Riestra Use this system with the idea of ​​being physically fit but also for mental reasons.referring to work and group effort so that it is later reflected in each of the fields.

The arrival of Malevo to the Professional League came to break the molds. The images are replicated, the story goes viral on social networks. The particular Cinderella method of the Argentine soccer elite amazes everyone, from those who watch it through their cell phones to the kids who enjoyed the early morning of Pinamar in a bowling alley while the players trained a few meters from the sea. But why the choice to hold the preseason this way? When it started?

The planning carried out by the players during the preseason.  (Photo: Riestra Press)The planning carried out by the players during the preseason. (Photo: Riestra Press)

The change in methodology

Beyond the surprise that it generated in many, The striking way of preparing for the start of each tournament has been carried out for many years.. Although the flashes of having arrived in Primera made the impact even greater, the methodology comes from drag and has its origin in the change in mentality and way of running the club.

The landing of the lawyer and businessman Victor Stinfale As manager in 2012 he brought many modifications. There was a substantial improvement in the Guillermo Laza facilities, but above all a strong message, a way of playing that is not negotiated and the tremendous leap that it meant to go from the mud of the First D to the luxuries of the top category, in which will face the giants like Boca, RiverIndependent, Racing y Saint Lawrencea very distant dream until a few years ago and that can now be fulfilled.

Riestra's preseason in Pinamar.  (Photo: Riestra Press)Riestra’s preseason in Pinamar. (Photo: Riestra Press)

What is the training like?

The influence of Stinfale in Riestra It grew rapidly to the point that it is vital in decision-making in all areas, both in the technical and tactical aspects of the matches as well as in the planning of practices. The same thing happens with the preseason, since A military-style training grid has been implemented for almost ten years. What does it consist of? The first training starts at 3:30 with movements in the sand, a few meters from the sea and accompanied by the music of a bowling alley full of young people who record the moment with their phones; and continues with different moments of rest and practice to end the day at 10:30 p.m. after four shifts, dozens of passes in the dunes, 250 abdominal exercises and 250 spinal exercises, among many other exhausting exercises.

What the players say

“I’ve been here for five years but it’s still hard for me to get up, heh. The hardest moment is when you come back from training at 3 in the morning.”explained Cachete Acuña, forward of the Bajo Flores team and one of the key pieces to get promoted to the LPF, on radio La Red. And as if that were not enough, in other peculiarities, The footballers also box daily, a routine that they began to implement in the second half of last season to gain resistance and power. “It is a complement to training that helps us be stronger during games. It worked for us at the end of the last tournament,” Milton Céliz, the team captain, had told Ole.

The players, tired of the work they do in the arena.  (Photo: Riestra Press)The players, tired of the work they do in the arena. (Photo: Riestra Press)

Although it is known of the ways that are used to get to the start of the championship in the best way, The managers notify each of the incorporations of this modality at the time of signing the contract. That is the way in which they consider within the club that the commitment for the entire season is sealed. It is not the style that is usually used in football, it is not common and it is not replicated in sports. However, Malevo has been bringing results and continues to cling to that way of strengthening spirit and group movement.

The footballers, in full force during the preseason.  (Photo: Riestra Press)The footballers, in full force during the preseason. (Photo: Riestra Press)

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