“The Henry Pick Mystery” Tuesday 16 January 2024

The crime film tonight on TV: “The Henri Pick mystery” Tuesday 16 January 2024 at 9.15pm on Rai 5 (Channel 23)The Henri Pick mystery (The Mystery of Henri Pick) it’s a film of 2019 directed by Rémi Bezançon. The film is the film adaptation of novel of the same name written by David Foenkinos.

The soundtrack was written by Debbie Wiseman . Principal photography began in Scottish Highlands in 2016.

Daphné, a young talent scout for a large Parisian publishing house, during a weekend at her father’s house in Crozon in Brittany, in the company of her boyfriend Fred, a young unsuccessful writer (her first and last novel “The Bathtub” was was a flop having sold only 237 copies), he becomes aware of the “rejected books” section in the town library (a room where the books rejected by publishers are kept).

The woman, visiting the library, comes across a novel of extraordinary beauty, «The last hours of a love story», by Henri Pick, which tells in parallel the end of a romantic relationship and the agony of Pushkin after the fatal duel with d’Anthès. He proposes the book to his publishing house, which decides to publish it. He then sets off in search of the author, discovering that the man, owner of a pizzeria in the village, has been dead for over two years and that anyone who knew him, including his wife and daughter Joséphine, knew nothing about his passion for writing. and for literature, especially Russian, having never even seen him write or read. However, everyone becomes convinced that Pick really wrote the book.

The novel is published and, above all thanks to the story of the rejected manuscript, it becomes a bestseller, upsetting not only the life of the Pick family but also that of the entire village.

The editorial case arrives on TV in the talk show hosted by the famous literary critic Jean-Michel Rouche, who, once on air and live, immediately becomes suspicious, thinking of a literary forgery and openly expressing his doubts regarding the author’s identity , provoking the vehement anger of his wife and Daphné present in the studio who abandon the broadcast. The statement will attract the ire of the TV production which fires him and will cost him his relationship with his wife who kicks him out.

The man, with the aim of seeking the truth and restoring his reputation, decides to go deeper and find the true author of the novel. During the investigation, Rouche is also helped by Henri’s daughter, Josephine, who initially has no doubts about the real authorship of the writing. The investigations into this intricate story will see the birth of an affection between the two.

The Henry Pick mystery progressively rises, always gathering new elements in support of both one thesis and the other, and then suddenly vanishes as soon as the solution to the enigma seems within reach.

The all too (un)predictable solution is linked to a coincidence: the critic eventually reads Daphné’s boyfriend’s flop novel, finally understanding that he is the one behind Henri Pick, obtaining confirmation from Fred himself during breakfast ( through a flashback, the viewer is explained how Daphné, once aware of the truth, organized everything and consequently the contradictory cultural/literary/editorial world swamped by many unexceptional authors and few readers is highlighted, where the objective it’s just the sale, no longer the quality of the content).

Directed by Rémi Bezançon

Con Fabrice Luchini e Camille Cottin


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