The funeral of the actor Andrea Iovino today in Nola. Made in the South: You will live in our memories

Condolences for the actor Andrea Iovino, who passed away prematurely at the age of 38. The funeral in Nola, his city. Made in Sud: “I live in the memories of all of us”

I funeral of Andrea Iovinothe Neapolitan actor passed away prematurely at the age of 38 will take place Monday 6 November at 2.30 pm. They will start from the Olivieri district of Nola, where the young artist lived, there will be a memorial in the Nolan cemetery. On the mourning posters the message wanted by the family to remember Andrea is: “just and honest man” and this is what many are repeating in these hours. The friends of Made in Sud they commemorate him with a post on social media: «Hi Andrea, you will remain forever alive in the memories of all of us».

Classical high school diploma, cabaret actor, short in stature (but not suffering from dwarfism), married to Ornella, four children, was noticed by the director Matteo Garrone and together with his brother Giovanni he worked in the movie “Pinocchio”, a cinematic adaptation of Collodi’s famous fairy tale. A willing and talented actor of the Nola theater company, according to friends and acquaintances he was active not only in the artistic world but also in the social one, given that he lent a hand whenever his presence was requested. Andrea Iovino was then the face of “Made in Sud”, the popular southern cabaret television program broadcast on Rai. Then, at the theater with “Masaniello Revolution”, a show by Sal Da Vinci and Ciro Villano.

The singer writes Giusy Attanasio to remember him and express condolences:

We will always remember you with a smile, we will remember you for the good and clean person you are.
Andrea, I and all of us at “Masaniello Revolution” will never forget you.

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