The Floor will only have one: on Rai 2, how it works, the jackal, cast

Un brand new game show. Is titled The FloorOnly one will remain and the audience will begin to meet him tonight at 9.20pm on Rai 2. It will be hosted by the comedy duo of The Jackal Ciro Priello e Fabio Balsamo, in the role of a funny all-rounder. Ciro, on the other hand, will be a conductor tout court who will lead the 100 competitors towards the final goal of 100 thousand euros. Only one will succeed.

“The Floor – Only one will remain”, the new Rai 2 game show

It will be a quiz battle which will begin at the launch of “The floor show us the way”. Competitors will compete on a giant floor and will be assigned a specific box and category (from holiday symbols to cities, from Sanremo successes to names of athletes etc.). The format was created by John De Molalready behind the successes of Your business e di The Voice.

The Floor: how the new Rai 2 quiz works

On a giant, bright floor, built in the studio, one hundred competitors, each positioned on their own space and prepared on a specific subject, they will compete one after the other in a very fast duel. They will have 45 seconds. Whoever accumulates the most answers will earn a box. The goal is to conquer one hundred squaresi.e. the entire game plan, ei 100 thousand euros up for grabs.

In total there are 6 episodes that will be broadcast every Tuesday evening on Rai 2 (except the second which is scheduled for Thursday 4 January). The Floor it is a general culture show for the whole family: the protagonists are experts in their subject ranging from the most common to the most bizarre: from sayings to proverbs, from Sanremo songs to film characters, from monuments to athletes, to cartoons.

The ‘duellists’ will compete on the topic of the chosen challenger. Also at the end of each episode there are 5 thousand euros up for grabs for whoever wins the most boxes.

A fun quiz hosted by two comedians The Jackal

The comedians lead the game show, Ciro Priello e Fabio Balsamo of the group The Jackal (those from the parody of Gomorrah – the series). The Neapolitan duo made themselves noticed by winning two editions of LOL – Whoever laughs is out (this year on Prime Video everyone is waiting for the fourth season).

During the six episodes, Balsamo plays the role of the all-rounder on duty who cheers up the audience with his funny speeches: in front of him he has the giant book where the life, death and miracles of the competitors are kept. The friend and colleague, on the other hand, wears the clothes of the tour court host: it is he who calls the “duelists” to his table and kick off the challenge.

Fabio Balsamo and Ciro Priello. (Rai press office)

In the first episode, the very fast Ilaria stands out among the competitorsa challenging journalist a pig farmer on the names of Italian athletes and then a woman trained on vegetables. To give way to challenge starts the theme song of Quark. Among the participants there is a nobleman who tries his hand at Latin. His specialty? Clothing and accessories.

The international success of The Floor

The quiz coming Italy has become a international television phenomenon. The Floor it’s a format created by John De Molalready creator of hits like Your business e The Voice. In Holland, where it was launched, it entered the top 10 most watched programs of 2023, and is ready to land in the United States on Fox. It will also be broadcast in Germany and France.


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