The first image of Nico Fonseca with the River shirt and his message

The wait lasted just over four months, but the moment arrived. This Saturday morning, Nicolas Fonseca He arrived at the Camp with the same smile with which he landed at the Ezeiza airport after a long trip from Italy. After stopping by the hairdresser to get ready for a special day, she met his new colleagues, He put on the River shirt for the first time, the training pill and, accompanied by Matías Patanian (1st vice president) and Eduardo Barrionuevo (regular member) He signed his contract until December 2027 (a little more than 2.2 million dollars for 60% of his passcontract for four years).

“I am very happy and proud to be here and we are going for everything. Come on, River up,” said the 25-year-old Uruguayan central midfielder, born in Naples, son of former River Daniel Fonseca and who He will try to start showing that he is the 5 that Martín Demichelis wantsjust as he revealed that the DT told him.

His task is far from being simple: a follower of the team’s news both recently in Montevideo Wanderers and on his vacation in Como (he saw the Champions Trophy even though it was early in the morning there, for example), it is not a coincidence that in the Ezeiza arrivals sector he has already said that “Enzo Pérez and De la Cruz are incredible players, River idols, and they will be missed.”

With a simple and elegant game and with the tendency to always want to participate in the gestation, Fonseca is positioned as one of Micho’s three alternatives for the position, in addition to Matías Kranevitter and Rodrigo Aliendro. But it is different: with the defensive aspect to be polished by the coach, his strength lies in the association through the pass and in seeking to be a protagonist crossing the middle of the field. His challenge, of course, will be to transfer to Argentine football what he did in Uruguayan football, which is one step below.

Fonseca signed his contract until December 2027.Fonseca signed his contract until December 2027.

These are all things that he has been acquiring since his time in Inferiores at Milan, where he tried to emulate what Pirlo, his reference, did. (he was able to know him as a child from sharing a locker room with his father), who had shone in that club. There he began as a hook (hence the trend of the game forward and even an aesthetic posture that will capture attention), but se was delayed until the position he occupies today and which led him to debut in Serie C, with Novara, in 2018.

Nicolás Fonseca was officially announced as a reinforcement.  River Press.Nicolás Fonseca was officially announced as a reinforcement. River Press.

In Wanderers (2,824′ in 34 games, one goal, three assists, 14 yellow cards and no red in 2023) he almost always played accompanied by Pancho Cerro, another #5 with a more defensive cut so that the field to cover would not be so large. Thus, whoever can become Enzo Pérez’s replacement is likely to once again have a second guitar by his side to have more freedom to let loose and generate play: will it be Kranevitter, who must recover his best version for a year in which he will be an important piece?

Probably, the formation of the new medium will already begin to be seen in the preseason friendlies in the US that River will play (for now only one is confirmed against Rayados de Monterrey on 1/17, in Dallas). Beyond football, the “adaptation” that he mentioned in his dialogue with TyC Sports, upon his arrival to the country, will take a leading role: how he will respond to the magnitude of occupying the place left by an idol of one of the biggest clubs on the continent (and in the world) is still unknown.

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