The final for promotion to First Division: where each fan enters, the police operation and more

The final for promotion to First Division is just hours away. With the two delegations already in Córdoba, the only thing missing is for those who supported their players throughout the year, the fans, to arrive.. Taking into account that the match will be with both fans, A strong operation will be carried out in the province of Fernet.

On Sunday, some will have one access route, while others will have a completely different path. That’s why Olé brings you the keys and everything you need to know if you travel to the Mario Alberto Kempes. Entry times, where people from each club enter, what is needed to enter and much more.

The final between Almirante and Independiente is approaching. The final between Almirante and Independiente is approaching.

Operational, what time do the doors open and what is needed to enter

Between the police, private security, Civil Defense, health, Judicial Unit, firefighters, traffic and Safe Tribune, About 1,100 people will be at the party’s disposal. The Kempes doors will open at 3:00 p.m., three hours before the start of the final, which is scheduled for 6:00 p.m.

To enter the stadium, in addition to the ticket, you need, without exception, your DNI. This is because Operation Safe Tribune will be carried out. Besides, From 7:00, the Highway and Departmental Police will be on the routes controlling the arrival of both fans to the province.since a large flow of people is expected.

The entrances to the stadium.The entrances to the stadium.

Where does each one arrive and enter?

The people of Almirante Brown, upon arriving from Buenos Aires, will enter through the Rosario-Córdoba highway, entering through the Beltway heading north. Once at the Kempes, Having to be located in the popular Willington and Ardiles stalls, they will enter through gates 02 BIS (popular) and 02 (stalls) respectively.

Meanwhile, Independiente Rivadavia fans will arrive in Córdoba via Highway 36, until they reach the southern part of the stadium. There, orThe popular Artime and the Gasparini stalls will fit, so Mendoza residents will have access at doors 01 (popular) and 04 (stalls).

Independiente seeks to return to First Division.  (Photo: Rivadavia Independent Press).Independiente seeks to return to First Division. (Photo: Rivadavia Independent Press).

Everything ready for the party

With refereeing by Nicolás Ramírez, the final already has everything confirmed. The teams are already in Córdoba, and today they had their last training session prior to the key match. Almirante Brown trained on the Instituto property, and Independiente trained on the Talleres de Córdoba property.

It is worth mentioning that the final will be a single match, and If there is a tie, we will have an extra time of 30 minutes, divided into two 15′ halves. If equality persists, everything will be decided through penalties. Whoever loses will join the second phase of the Reduced. Let’s play guys!

Admiral faced with a historic chance.  (Photo: Telam).Admiral faced with a historic chance. (Photo: Telam).

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