“The Fenoglio method”: plot, cast and characters

From the novels of Giancarlo Carofiglio, the fiction with Alessio Boni in the role of Marshal Pietro Fenoglio

November 27, 2023 at 10:08 am

On the way from Monday 27 November on Rai1 The Fenoglio method – The cold summer“, the TV series that adapts the trilogy “Il Maresciallo Fenoglio” (published by Einaudi) by Gianrico Carofiglio. In the role of the protagonist, the Piedmontese marshal Pietro Fenoglio, there is Alessio Boni.

The novelist himself also wrote the screenplay together with Antonio Leotti, Doriana Leondeff and Oliviero Del Papa. The fiction is directed by Alessandro Casale, produced by Clemart srl in collaboration with Rai Fiction and Latina Film Commission.

The plot

The action begins in 1991, in Bari. Marshal Fenoglio is part of the Carabinieri Operations Unit, to which he brings a keen investigative instinct and a profound respect for the law and the truth, even if his ability to step into the shoes of others, including criminals, often puts him in open conflict with his superiors. In the days following the arson of the Petruzzelli Theatre, the beating heart of the city of Bari, tension is sky high: ambushes, killings and cases of white lupara create a climate of terror that makes life in the city impossible. And Fenoglio is unable to decipher the reasons for that unprecedented explosion of violence. Until an unexpected and shocking fact emerges: the son of Nicola Grimaldi, the most powerful and ruthless boss in the area, has been kidnapped. The suspicion that local crime is no longer made up of just a handful of rival gangs, but that a real Bari mafia has been born is becoming more and more pressing. However, his investigations have not yet found any practical evidence and are met with opposition from his superiors. In collaboration with the police officer Pellecchia, whose brisk ways clash with the legalistic attitude of his superior, and with the surly and charismatic PM Gemma D’Angelo, Fenoglio discovers that the boss Grimaldi has paid a ransom to get his son back, but the child never returned home. Suspicions focus on Vito Lopez, former right-hand man of the boss Grimaldi: the friendship that has linked them for years has in fact entered into crisis and has resulted in a fratricidal and deadly fight. But is Lopez really the creator of the feud or is he just another scapegoat? The question torments Fenoglio, while on the increasingly dark horizon of national events, Cosa Nostra’s attack on the heart of the state unfolds with the mafia massacres of Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino and their respective escorts.

The plots of the evening’s episodes

  • First episode
    • Episode 1: “A simple story
      Bari, October 1991. The murder of a loan shark seems just a case to be dismissed quickly. Marshal Fenoglio of the Carabinieri Operations Unit doesn’t think so. On the other hand, Fenoglio has theories that often conflict with those of his superiors. He knows that stories are never simple and that the small local underworld is taking the shape of a much more terrible and lethal organization.
    • Episode 2: “A Changing Truth”
      The murder of the loan shark seems solved, but Fenoglio still has too many doubts. Meanwhile, the relationship between Nicola Grimaldi, the boss at the top of the Bari mafia, and his lieutenant Vito Lopez is increasingly on a razor’s edge and peppered with crimes.
  • Second episode
    • Episode 3: “Brothers”
      A criminal war has erupted in the last six months. Fenoglio and the officer Pellecchia investigate, when a senseless shooting claims innocent victims. Why are two blood brothers like Grimaldi and Lopez clashing with such anger?
    • Episode 4: “The Innocent”
      The discovery of a victim of the criminal war that broke out in Bari shakes the soul of Fenoglio and his colleagues and begins a desperate manhunt. Meanwhile, the officer Pellecchia and the PM D’Angelo are dealing with a personal past that they thought was now forgotten.

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