The Fenoglio method – Cold Summer, plot and cast of the miniseries with Alessio Boni

Fiction and reality embrace each other in the new miniseries The Fenoglio method – The cold summer, starting on Rai 1 on Monday 27 November. Taken from the trilogy Marshal Fenoglio Of Enrico Carofiglio for Einaudi, you see Alessio Boni in the role of the protagonist (the marshal, precisely).

The Fenoglio Method – The cold summerthe plot

The Fenoglio Method – The cold summer It is not based on a true story. However, there are references to real events within the narrative. The plot, set in Bari from 1991, wheel around Marshal Fenoglio, member of the Carabinieri Operations Unit. Gifted with a rare intuition, and driven by a profound sense of truth, Fenoglio knows how to put himself in the shoes of others (including criminals). A skill that, at the top, is not particularly appreciated. When the historian Petruzzelli Theatre is set on fire, and the ambushes and killings shock the city, Fenoglio enters into crisis. He cannot understand where that violence, now so pressing, comes from. Then, the intuition: if someone dared to kidnap the son of the superboss Nicola Grimaldi, it means that in Bari there is no longer a “simple” rivalry between gangs. Rather, a real one was born mafia. The superiors do not believe this supposition, but the marshal does not intend to stop. He discovers that Grimaldi paid the ransom, but never got the child back. And he discovers that the boss’s former right-hand man could be behind everything (Vito Lopez). But are things really like this? Is Lopez the creator of everything, or is he a scapegoat? While Fenoglio is tormented, Cosa Nostra attacks the State. And it kills Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellinoshocking Italy.

He cast

The protagonist, in the role of Marshal Fenoglio, is Alessio Boni. Fenoglio is self-taught, but very cultured. He hates weapons and hates arresting people, he loves opera and painting, and is looked at strangely by his colleagues. Something he doesn’t care about. He chose to become a policeman only after his father’s death, he is engaged to Serena, and is in a constant struggle between what he would like and what he can do. Serena Morandi has the face of Giulia Bevilacqua. A brilliant and extroverted woman, a high school teacher with a rebellious soul (despite having grown up in a bourgeois family), she manages to give Fenoglio the emotional stability that she has never had. In the cast of Marshal Fenoglio we also find Paolo Sassanelli in the role of Antonio Pellecchia, a violent policeman, who acts in the old way. Very far from Fenoglio in his way of acting and thinking, he is busy rediscovering his role as a father and finds himself having to deal with a past that he hoped he could forget. Giulia Vecchio instead, she is Gemma D’Angelo, Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Court of Bari. Courageous and capable of dominating fear, she seems cold and detached. Struggling to process an old wound (her brother Filippo died of an overdose, and she no longer has a relationship with her parents), she is determined to discover the truth about the event that turned her life upside down. Vito Lopez, Grimaldi’s former right-hand man, is played by Michele VenitucciWhile Nicola Grimaldi he has the face of Marcello Prayer.

The Fenoglio Method it airs over four evenings, from 27 November to 18 December.

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