the fallen prime minister of the Javier Milei era

He was in charge of the super ministry of Infrastructure that included transportation, public works, energy, mining and communications. He leaves the position just a month and a half after taking office.

Guillermo Ferraro's time at Casa Rosada: the fallen prime minister of the Milei era.

Guillermo Ferraro, Minister of Infrastructure, this Thursday became the first to fall from Javier Milei’s cabinet, as confirmed Scope. In charge of a super ministry that included transportation, public works, energy, mining and communications, He leaves the position just a month and a half after taking office.

He President asked him to resign to the head of the Infrastructure portfolio, who is responsible for “filter” information. After the meeting of cabinet This Thursday, it emerged that the president had been very angry with the behavior of the governors whom he directed a strong threat.

His last appearance had been in the Chamber of Deputies for defend the omnibus law as it affects their areas. In that instance the official had promised that “during 2024 we are going to finish all the works that are in progressprioritizing those that are most advanced”, considering that there are “more than 2,500 works that were paralyzed due to lack of payment.”

Ferraro projected in that context that “If the law is approved, a very large investment flow will be generated this year and this, in some way, is going to influence the direction we are taking in terms of the country’s economy.” After developing the tax incentives, which reduce income tax and eliminate VAT for investors in capital and productive goods that adhere to an investment regime established by the Government, he anticipated that “in the country that we imagine, in two or three years the macroeconomy and the export duties should not exist“.

In statements since taking office, the now former minister declared his intention to privatize railway companies to “remove the State from the economy” and “depoliticize” Enacom. He held various meetings with political actors, such as United States Ambassador, Marc Stanley and governors like Rogelio Frigerio y Gustavo Valdes.

Former member of the Government of Mauricio Macri as part of the administration of the City of Buenos AiresFerraro is an executive and served for 13 years as Director of KPMG Argentina, a multinational that provides Audit, Tax and Advisory services in more than 150 countries. There he led the advice on projects such as the Aconcagua Railway Tunnel, the Chihuido Hydroelectric Power Plant and the restructuring of Human Resources of the City of Buenos Aires, among others. The businessman indicates on his Linkedin that this year he worked as a “management consultant.”

Who is Guillermo Ferraro

The executive specializes in financial advice and business structuring linked to large infrastructure projects and process reengineering in the public sector.

Prior to joining KPMG, he served as Director and President of companies in the service sector and banking entities. He also served as Undersecretary of Industry of the Nation between 2002 and 2003, as well as part of the administration of the City of Buenos Aires during the administration of Mauricio Macri.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he was the “Director responsible for new businesses and infrastructure projects” from April 2010 and April 2023. However, in recent months he dedicated himself to providing the same services but independently.

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