The easiest way to find out your committee in the 2024 presidential elections… via a message on your mobile phone

“How do I know my committee in the 2024 presidential elections?” By name and national number, you can now identify your committee in the 2024 presidential elections. The National Elections Authority, headed by Counselor Hazem Badawi, has made it possible to inquire about the electoral committee for voting in the presidential elections through the National Elections Authority’s website. the voter’s national number, in order to facilitate citizens and facilitate the voting process.

A large number of voters are asking about places Voting committees The legal age required for voting, and what is the fine for not participating in the presidential elections.

“Parliamentary” continues to provide its series of services to its readers and publishes in the following lines all the details of the presidential elections that began on Sunday morning and will continue for three days.

Date of the 2024 presidential elections

It has started Presidential elections Starting this Sunday morning and continuing for three days from nine in the morning until nine in the evening in Cairo and all governorates, so that Tuesday, December 13, 2023 will be the last day of voting, in the subcommittees distributed in youth centers, schools, and health units, under full judicial supervision, and in The presence of 14 international organizations dedicated to monitoring the elections.

The legal age to vote in presidential elections

The National Elections Authority confirmed that all citizens who have reached the age of 18, who enjoy all civil and political rights, and whose names are included in the voter database, have the right to vote, and the Election Law exempted officers of the armed forces and police from performing this duty during their period of service.

Steps for the Election Commission to know the national number 2024

The citizen can through a link Electoral CommissionTo find out the location of his electoral committee, by sending a message to the number 5151 with the national number for free, to be answered with a message with the subcommittee number and its headquarters, and to arrange his name in the electoral lists via a message on his mobile phone.

The official website for the presidential elections

Expatriates wishing to vote in the 2024 presidential elections can find out the locations of their electoral committee through the following steps:

1- Enter the official website of the National Elections Authority Here .

2- Click on the word “Complete Site” to the left of the screen.

3- Choosing the name of the governorate in which voting is required.

4- Choose the general committee closest to his place of residence.

5- The name of the electoral committee designated for expatriates near his residence will appear on the screen within the scope of the general committee specified by the voter.

Names of candidates for the 2024 Egyptian presidential elections

4 candidates are participating in the 2024 presidential elections:

– Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is a symbol… “The Star”

– Abdel Sind Yamama, a symbol… “the palm tree”

Hazem Omar is a symbol… “Peace”

– Farid Zahran is a symbol… “the sun”

Fine for not voting in the presidential elections

The Law on the Exercise of Political Rights of 2014 specified the penalty for not voting in the elections, and indicated that the financial fine does not exceed 500 pounds, for every citizen registered in the electoral roll, and who fails to vote without an excuse.


The Election Commission knows the national number

To inquire about your electoral committee, click Here

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