The Dutch Juniors record a meager home victory over Jong Gibraltar in European Championship qualification

Ryan Flamingo comes to congratulate Noah Ohio on his goal

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The Dutch Juniors have come one step closer to the 2025 European Championship in Slovakia. The home match against Jong Gibraltar, which was defeated 5-0 last month, resulted in a meager 1-0 win in Almere, meaning that Michael Reiziger’s team is still without a loss of points in Group C after five games.

Anyone who came to the Fanny Blankers-Koen Sportpark to witness a monster score against the football dwarf was disappointed. What the Dutch team showed was especially sloppy. The 1-0 after twelve minutes also came about with some luck and also from a standard situation.

Four out of five

Neraysho Kasanwirjo delivered a failed header after a fine free kick from Million Manhoef, which ended up at the feet of Noah Ohio via a Gibraltian defender. The Almere-born striker had little trouble with the golden opportunity and brought his score to four goals in five international matches.

Dirk Proper’s volley after more than half an hour was a fine example of technique, but goalkeeper Bradley Avellano was able to tap the cannonball over the crossbar.

Jong Oranje match winner Ohio after victory over Gibraltar: ‘Take points and leave’

That was it until the break for the men of national coach Michael Reiziger, who gave Ajax players Devyne Rensch and Kenneth Taylor a rest with a view to Monday’s meeting with Sweden and kept them out of the starting line-up.

Raatsie languit

The first chance after the break actually belonged to the guests, who had not yet given up hope for a result. When Liam Jessop shot, goalkeeper Calvin Raatsie had to stretch out to cover the short corner.

His colleague Avellano had to wait a while before he had to work seriously again. That was only halfway through the second half with a shot from substitute Taylor and one from Manhoef. Fifteen minutes before the end, the star player on the Gibraltar side also stopped Kasanwirjo from scoring.

A rare beautiful attack by the Dutch team ended with the onrushing Taylor, who drove the ball hard over the enemy goal. And that was it in Almere.

Standings group C

gesp-ptn target figures
1. The Netherlands 5-15 14-0
2. Georgia 5-10 4-3
3. Sweden 4-7 9-1
4. Moldova 5-6 5-10
5. North Macedonia 4-3 2-5
6. Gibraltar 5-0 1-16
Nine group winners and the best three runners-up to the European Championship. Other numbers two to play-offs.

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