The death of a cousin, Bassem Samra, and the last one mourns him: my big brother

announced the artist Bassem Samra About the death of his cousin on his official page on Facebook, where he wrote: “To God we belong and to Him we shall return. My cousin and my big brother Mahmoud Muhammad Samra have passed away to the mercy of God Almighty. Every soul will taste death.”

Bassem Samra

On the other hand, the artist Bassem Samra has contracted to star in a new comedy film entitled “Extra Time”, idea by Mohamed Diasti, script and dialogue by Rashad Rushdi and directed by Ahmed Jebba, and the rest of the participating artists are under contract.

It is noteworthy that Bassem Samra recently showed him the movie The Boogeyman, starring Amir Karara, Yasmine Sabry, Bassem Samra, Mohamed Abdel Rahman “Tota”, Mohamed Anwar, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Mohamed Mahmoud, Hisham El Shazly, the child Jean Ramez, and the guests of honor, Inaam Salousa, Rehab El Gamal, Diaa Abdel Khaleq, and a number of other artists, written by Ihab Bleibel and directed by Hussein Al Manbawi.

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